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  1. @Claire Holtham If we're using ITIL as guidance, a customer wouldn't raise a release request. Typically they'd log a service request to ask for the software to be updated (this could of course also come from incidents, or a problem records if the update was being applied to fix something), and a change request would be raised off the back of this. Once the change request had been authorised (or it was a pre-authorised standard change), then the release request would be raised and the change associated with it. For something like a software update, you might have multiple associated incident
  2. @yelyah.nodrog This Smart Guide is fairly old, but should be relevant - https://support-works.com/resources/smart-guide-the-truth-about-service-catalog/
  3. Folks, It looks like Thursday, July 25th is the favourite option so far. We're split fairly evenly between the two time slots of 15:00-17:00 and 17:00-19:00. I'll have a chat with the team and will get their thoughts before we make a final call on the time. Once we have, we'll let you know and by then, hopefully we'll have tempted few more people to join us.
  4. @Martyn Houghton We're also planning to do a quick phone call to customers based around London and the South-East, as it's possible that many people haven't even noticed this post. Hopefully, there's enough interest to make it worthwhile and get a good sample of the content that customers are most interested in.
  5. @Stephen.whittle The plan is to meet up in a pub in Marylebone for a couple of hours to discuss the content that our customers would find most useful. We chose Marylebone, as it's quite easy to get to. Have a look at the topic I listed above, as we've provided a few different dates/times and asked people to let us know which ones might work best for them. People could easily have missed the post, so we'll be contacting customers based in London and the South-East to make them aware of it. Hopefully, we'll get enough interest to make this worthwhile, as we're really keen to get this type of pra
  6. We’ve had so many positive comments about our recent Hornbill Insights event; the venue, the presentation sessions, and the additional value that was delivered by running the event over two days. Your feedback is invaluable, and alongside all the positive comments, we received several suggestions on how we can improve things for INSIGHTS20. More time to network with Hornbill staff and other customers was a popular theme. It was suggested that we hold the roundtable sessions early on, so people can mix, get to know each other and learn more about how other customers use Hornbill to tackle
  7. @Stephen.whittle Can you make it to the proposed Customer Roundtable event we suggested here?
  8. Folks, I’m keen to get your thoughts on the types of practitioner-focused content that you would like to see us producing. We can easily create content that we ‘think’ would be useful, but it would be far better to get your input first, so that we can prioritise the stuff that would be most useful to you as practitioners. I thought that the best way to kick this off was to have an informal chat, over drinks and snacks in a pub, so we posted a few dates in July to gauge interest. The post has only been up for one day, but at the time of writing, we have only had one person who responded.
  9. @Stephen.whittle I was planning to post a new topic about getting a group of Hornbill customers together to discuss which content they'd like to see most. We've both created and curated content around ITIL in the past, however the challenge is to provide material that's truly practitioner focused. Watch this space for an excellent webinar, which we recorded recently with @Darren Rose on how to get the balance right between managing projects and hitting service level targets. Alongside doing a better job of sharing good practitioner content that we create/curate, I'd like to canvass our c
  10. Love me Tender Although Elvis Presley and Vera Matson were given the credit, the principal writer of “Love me tender” was Ken Darby. At the time, Elvis’ publishing deal demanded that writers concede 50% of the credit for the song if they wanted Presley to record it. When asked why he credited his wife, Vera Matson as the co-writer, Darby responded… “because she didn’t write it either.” This blog was inspired by a post from James Gander on the Back2ITSM Facebook group. James’ original post was making a different point; that vendo
  11. Thanks @Darren Rose - Hopefully we can get a few more takers and I will look to get this off the ground.
  12. I was thinking about starting a monthly podcast to discuss Service Management topics. I think it would be great for the Hornbill Community to hear your views on industry news, emerging technologies, new practices and the challenges of Service Management and how they can be addressed. I've participated in a number of podcasts in the past, but they're usually hosted by vendors, industry analysts , or consultants. I think there's a real need to hear from practitioners and get their thoughts about our industry. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Hornbill Community and we
  13. Sorry to hear about the accident @Josh Bridgens and glad you're OK. It sounds to me like you're doing all the right things by focusing on outcome and the business value of what you are doing. You might be too busy to post for a while, but shout if you need help.
  14. I've spoken to one customer that's up for entering for the SDI awards in 2019, but had no response from others in the Hornbill Community. The submission deadline is Oct 19th, which will be here before we know it. If any of you up for entering, please let me know ASAP, as I'll do much of the legwork to help you with your entry. Whether you win or not, I promise it'll create a buzz and do wonders for the morale of your teams. The awards brochure is here - https://www.servicedeskinstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/IT-Service-Support-Awards-2019-How-To-Enter-Brochure.pdf and if you
  15. @Josh Bridgens I'd suggest you pick just one thing that you can do to "make the life of the IT department easier" and have a crack at that. If you haven't got the time to fit this in alongside your day job, do it at home. Before you start working on that "one thing", I suggest you validate the usefulness of solving that problem with your colleagues/managers. If you can make a significant problem go away, you've created a business case to give you the capacity to take on the next problem, but this time, during working hours. If you can attach a notional cost to the problem, then you can sho
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