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  1. Hi Miro, Was this release pushed out? we are still having this issue on our instance.
  2. We are having the same issue here as well
  3. Hi @James Ainsworth Thats perfect, I don't know how I didn't remember this. Thank you it is much appreciated.
  4. Morning, Sorry it might just be me being blind, but is there a way to make it so certain users can only see what's assigned to their team? I don't want them to be able to view any other requests or be able to even search for them if they are with other teams.
  5. I have put in a workaround which seems to be working fine at the moment. Instead of 'Wait for New Request Owner' I have set it to assign back to the team first and then 'Wait for Request Owner'. Seems like it's just an issue with the 'Wait for New Request Owner' option. Don't know if you want to take that back to the devs to have a look in to.
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth Sorry for the long reply, I was away from the office for some time. I have just tested it without the expiry, and it is still assigning the correction task straight away instead of waiting for a new owner
  7. Morning @James Ainsworth I have put the notices on this morning and tried it again, but no notices have appeared. I have tried a whole manner of different things, but all outcomes lead to the task being assigned straight away instead of waiting for a new owner I understand what you're saying about I could be somewhere else in the workflow but on this one there is only one route that will take you to the 'Correction of Data Input' Task
  8. Afternoon, We are having some issues with a Suspend node in a BPM At this stage in the BPM the request will go to a validator and spawn the check data & validate task so they can check what the previous person has put into our HR system is correct and if there is a Data Issue then the validator can re-assign the request back to the original person which will spawn the correction of data task and assign to the original person. The above works absolutely fine expect for... If the validator is off sick for example and we have to manually re-assign the request and task to another validator and they find a Data Issue, then when it gets to the suspend node (which is set to wait for a new request owner) it seems to skip this step and assign the correction task straight away to the validator we manually re-assigned it to for the validation task and doesn't give a chance to assign back to the original person who made the input
  9. Hi @Steve Giller I have added the service catalog and tested again but it is still going to the failure folder The inbound routing rule is still the same as the first post but still no joy
  10. Hi @James Ainsworth It is hitting the rule now but it is going into the target folder for failures
  11. And this is the routing rule template
  12. Afternoon, We have multiple mailboxes in our Hornbill instance, and I am trying to make it so certain rules only apply to a specific mailbox For example: But every time I send an email to that address (with the subject Password) it is not raising a request.
  13. Hi @James Ainsworth You are a legend as always. This has worked wonderfully. I really appreciate the breakdown as this will help with some other bits we are thinking about doing.
  14. Afternoon all, I am in the process of trying to fix a dashboard for our Service Desk and struggling to get it to show requests resolved per user 'This Month' / 'This Week'. The stats for 'Today' are working fine using the sql filter: Some filters I have used for 'This Month' (and failed) are: Any help is appreciated.
  15. Good Morning, I have added a new mailbox in Hornbill and have only just got round to testing it to find out that the mailbox is not receiving or sending any emails. I have filled in all of the correct information for the connection and have done a positive connection test. ----- ----- Any ideas?
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