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  1. It would be great to have a way of our customers not having to select or see all the configured SSO profiles when they visit the employee portal. Has this been raised before? Could it be investigated? thanks Andy
  2. Morning, We are keen to use a custom domain for our Hornbill implementation. I have had a read of https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Custom_Domain_using_Reverse_Proxy A couple of the other ITSM Tools i have used have a platform capability for custom domain rather than a need to implement infrastructure at our end. Is this something the Hornbill team would consider?? thanks Andy
  3. thanks @Daniel Dekel can you please explain how it calculates the space? Is it the number of widgets on the page that impacts the size??
  4. Afternoon Team apologies if this has already been requested. Couple of items for the services widget: 1. When you change the font colours could it also amend the colour of the numbers when you have more than one page? 2. When you change the border colour , could it also change the border line colour that is above the numbers tab? 3. Is it possible to have more than 8 tiles in the widgets home page? thanks Andy
  5. thanks for the quick reply @Victor. will have a read
  6. I have a set of repeatable Requests that I would like to be able to schedule their creation. Is it possible? or could I raise a feature request so the functionality could be looked into? I have seen this functionality in the ITOM tool but I have no on-prem infrastructure requirements , all cloud many thanks Andy
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