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  1. Hi Team can i please ask if there is a way that a asset can be linked to multiple companies Would we need to create the companies as an asset type to be able to have the 1 to many relationship? many thanks Andy
  2. Morning, Is it possible to implement the Customer feedback without having to manually apply to each service, and process within that service? I would like to implement a simple star & 1 question across all service within one domain, within Incident and Service Request many thanks Andy
  3. Morning, I would like to propose an enhancement to support service desk team members performing actions with less clicks & being more efficient It would be great if it was possible to change the state of a ticket at the same point as adding a note or sending an email to a customer appreciate other peoples thoughts? thanks Andy
  4. Morning Team, Is it possible for a customer to have visibility of all tickets raised by their orgainsation in the employee portal i have looked at connections, which could work if we added an bpm automation to add the service owner to all company tickets but i wondered if there is a better way??? thanks Andy
  5. Hi @Gerry & HNY Our wish was to use a custom domain for the employee portal. We would like our customers to hit a URL representative of the managed service we provide rather than the ITSM tool hope that helps thanks Andy
  6. thanks for coming back @Victor real shame, i think this would be of real value to many customers, especially where they are fully cloud
  7. Morning we have configured the import but are struggling to decide on the best way to set the used by variable in asset manager Our Hornbill unique identifier is the Object ID of the AAD account of the user Intune primary user UPN is the email address of the user Could anyone help with the best way to set the used by variable?? thanks Andy
  8. @Terry Withers this is something we would be really interested in as well. Ideally, without code or an external API call just an admin UI capability Hi @Victor Something similar to the scheduler in ITOM but for Service Manager would be super helpful for most customers, i would think Could it be considered for the backlog?? thanks Andy
  9. thanks for coming back @Steve Giller i didnt know if it would be possible to use a different login page per domain and then it redirect or have functionality where the domain in the username of the credential being passed could relate to the SSO profile
  10. can anyone at Hornbill help with this item??
  11. can anyone at Hornbill help with this item??
  12. +1 from us, is there a Hornbill view of this one??
  13. It would be great to have a way of our customers not having to select or see all the configured SSO profiles when they visit the employee portal. Has this been raised before? Could it be investigated? thanks Andy
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