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  1. Hi Victor - that is a shame. Is there the ability to adjust the email template somewhere so the customers can see the report comes from ICT department?
  2. Thank you Victor - we have use of PowerBi, would I be able to make use of this for what I'm trying to do?
  3. Hi, Can Hornbill please help with my query above? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Steve, I've tried to join Requests (h_itsm_requests) to h_buz_activities by using Left Join, and although it is displaying data within a number of columns from both tables, it is not consistent e.g. one Request ID is displayed for all of the Content Preview data from other calls. I've tried adding h_buz_activity_streams as a left join with h_buz_activities, but this does not appear to make any difference? Thanks in advance.
  5. Make sense - thank you. I came across this forum: which explains what I'd need to be able to join Request to h_buz_activities, but it's not clear how I'd need to do this using SQL Schema Designer within Reports? I was able to produce a report to join both CMDB and Request table, but I am struggling with this one. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  6. Apologises for the delay. Within Supportworks, whatever you can see within Service Desk feature, we can run a report within Management Information and Reporting feature, and PowerBi, to include "Last Action Text" column. Within Service Manager, this does not appear to be the case - I was not able to find "Last Updated" column in order for this to be displayed within the Reports (as found in the Admin tool at Home->Applications->Service Manager->Reports) (and I presume this will be the same for PowerBi), which was why I requested for this to be included within Request List (also will greatly assist our ICT colleagues, as they relies on this in Supportworks), unless there's another way of pulling/displaying the first 255 characters of the last request timeline update? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, When I schedule reports, within Administration area, to be emailed to our customers, rather than them receiving an email saying it is being sent from "ICT Department" (as they do when receiving notification of calls being raised although from a different mailbox), they see Hornbill as the Sender instead. Can there be the ability to change the sender name from Hornbill to something else e.g. ICT Department for webapp.view.usersPreferredMailbox? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, Within Supportworks, we have "Last Action Text" column (OpenCall -> Last_Text) where we can quickly see the latest update for each calls within Service Desk feature, and we rely on this very heavily in reportings. Service Manager does not have this within Request List, is it possible in there being an ability to display the first 255 characters of the last request timeline update in the request list? We can also then make use of this in reportings. Thanks in advance.
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