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  1. We would like to request some sort of integration with O365 forms to inject information into preexisting tickets like you have with Google Forms.
  2. We have a workflow that uses 2 BPMs. BPM #1 generates a ticket that goes to one department of our organization. BPM #2 is triggered by BPM #1 once a condition is met > It then creates another ticket for another department of our org with the original customer's supervisor as the new tickets customer and emails the supervisor so they know about the ticket. BPM #1 calling for BPM #2 and creating the second ticket. BPM #2 Updating the timeline for the second ticket. The trouble I am having is when the BPM #2 triggers the email to the supervisor(AKA the Customer) it updates the timeline of the ticket for BPM #2 and shows the customer from BPM #1' ticket as the author. We would like it to show as a manual entry like the one shown below it "System BPM Manager". Would love to hear what ideas others have for this.
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