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  1. Hi Steve, Thank you, I will give that a try! Cheers, Hiten
  2. Hi Steve, Thank you, I will give that a try! Cheers, Hiten
  3. Hello, We are trying to produce a Report for tickets that went to 'Resolved' last month. We have several Reports that surface, 'Logged', Resolved/Closed' but we found there is an issue with the latter because when a ticket goes from Resolved > Closed, the reporting only shows 'Closed' tickets. For obvious reasons, we do not want to have to leave a ticket in 'Resolved' state until the start of a new month, in order to then report on the previous month's Resolved tickets. What we need is something that can get the number of Resolved tickets, i.e. 'touched this status. Can you please advise how to do this or if there is no current means (e.g. feature request). Thank you, Hiten
  4. Hi, We have lost ticket view too now (as of about 5 mins ago). Thanks, Hiten
  5. Hi @Victor That was very useful, was able to track this through and find where in the process an invalid intelligent Capture was set. Changed to a current one and it is working. Appreciate the help, thank you! Hiten
  6. Hi @SamS Hope you are well. I cannot quite figure out why or if this if this by design, but when looking at Emails in Hornbill and trying to use the [Create Request] button and following the Intelligent Capture process in an attempt to create a Service Request from the email, there is no Next button in the process (the Service List items are displays but you cannot proceed with any of them). Whereas the same can be done for an Incident (so in theory it should work and sounds like something in the Business Process). That said, when you use the same 'Business Process' which is being called for Service Requests, i.e to Raise New and do the same, the Next button does work and you can create a Request. Do you have any ideas as to why this might not be working? Regards, Hiten
  7. Hi all, We created our Business Processes before Hornbill got this current UI look. Then, I recall there were some options where you could apply a particular Progressive Capture to say the Customer Portal and a variation of this if the Hornbill User clicks 'Raise New to internally create a new Request'. I have been through all the Admin options, including Intelligent Capture and Business Processes and am unable to find where I can set the workflow I want a particular type of Request to use. In the Data options, under Profiles, I do find that I can + Item and add a new Category (below), however this surfaces the option publicly in the Customer Portal. Whereas in the old UI you could specify where it is visible (where the Progressive Capture is used). Does anyone know where I can find this? Or has it been removed completely??? Thanks, Hiten
  8. Hiten

    Custom Reports

    Hi @SamS, Can you let me know how that is achievable? "The BEST one can do is just a list of calls with the "last updated on" field visible among the other fields you wish to show." Regards, Hiten
  9. Hiten

    Custom Reports

    Hi @SamS Just looping back round to this, as we have been chased by our client. What is the possibility of: a) being quoted for a custom piece of work - which will allow a report to be setup for this client (and potentially others) to have a scheduled report or one they can run themselves, that will enable them to see the difference in days from the last update to present. Note: we have been able to use Database Direct to create a query that does this to some extent but this is not a useable option for us. Refer to your comment from 15th June. b) the length of time to give us an initial scoping of the work, approximate cost and when it could be done. Just looking for rough estimate. @Andre de Waal can you please help? Regards, Hiten
  10. Hiten

    Custom Reports

    Hello @SamS Thank you for the response. I have setup a Report based on the parameter you have provided. However the report I have created uses a user prompt to pick the 'Customer' needed (this is something we do for monthly Service Reports we produce for customers and avoids have several duplicates of a single report with one change, i.e. a nominated 'customer'. Since we have used Document Manager before, my concern is that how that plays out if the report is published to Document Manager, then... a) will the customer be able to scroll the list and effectively retrieve other customers' data? b) do we need to publish to Document Manager (either manually or via a set schedule) and then share with appropriate privileges/user access to such a report? In which case how the does system know to filter on a that specific customer we want? It sounds like we will not be able to have one report for many customers, and instead make it specific to one customer only and share that to Document Manager? Apologies for the question, but given that it potentially exposes data to other customers then I would rather find out for sure first! Kind regards, Hiten
  11. Hiten

    Custom Reports

    Hi James, Thank you for your response. Currently, our customers do not access any 'Report' area (where we might make one available to them, either by scheduling one or placing there). However, it would probably be the case that is what they want to do. Or at least, we run and send. Regards, Hiten
  12. Hiten

    Custom Reports

    Good afternoon Hornbill Community, We have had a customer ask to pull out some specific information from Hornbill, which would appear it is not possible from the Reporting options and we have been advised by @Andre de Waal to raise here. Ideally the customer would like to be able to run the Reports themselves, but if this something we can setup and run that probably is suffice. If anyone can help, it would be a thoroughly appreciated. 1. Aged calls since last update: Fields - Hornbill Ref, Summary, Category, Type (Incidents/Service Request), Date of Last Update, Number of Days since last update (to today's date), Status - with Sub-Status. Not to include non-comment updates, e.g. Sub-Status has been set to 'In Progress'. 2. Number of calls in one of the Sub-Statuses, e.g. 'Awaiting 3rd Party Support', 'Awaiting Customer Response', Awaiting Release', 'In Progress', 'With Development'. What do the above Statuses mean. Please note: this one may be for us to find a suitable place to provide the explanation. But could this be done here - see below image? If so, how and where would this be surfaced to the customer in Customer Portal and Reporting? Then broken down by Category, e.g. 'Incident', 'General Question, 'Technical Request', 'Service Request'. We understand this may be a custom piece of work but have been advised to try this route first. Thank you in anticipation of your help. Have a great day! Hiten
  13. @Victorwe've established the cause and resolved! Thanks for your help!
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