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  1. Thanks Steve, I don't believe it's the latter as only one of my colleagues marks them as read, and he's not in this week, so would only be me updating them. I've just had it happen again: updated a request in Service Manager, then 5 minutes with no browser activity, then back to Hornbill, went to Email, mark all as read and got the error, so shouldn't be 'stale' as I've only just changed view to Email.
  2. It doesn't happen every time, but I usually see it at least one a day. Based on this latest occurrence, I wonder if it's possibly happening after I've been inactive in the window for a while, then try to mark them as read. I'll try to be more aware of my actions immediately prior to it happening. Screenshot of the error: And a screenshot hopefully showing that number of unread emails is still showing 12, but there are none unread (data security, I can't show more than this).
  3. We regularly get the above error when marking all emails as read. The window then has to be manually refreshed as it still shows x unread (the individual emails are read, but the count in the left hand panel remains). It really is rather annoying, is there anything we can do to fix it?
  4. Hi @Victor Currently we are taking the PCF answer and putting it directly into the Auto Authorisation details as we didn't have a need to store it elsewhere. I will have a look at mapping it. Thank you for the suggestion.
  5. Thanks @Victor you are correct, they don't match. I will make the change and test if that fixes the problem. Thank you
  6. Request Category is part of the 'catalog' PGC, so the same form should be used regardless of who is logging the call. However, if the call is logged via the customer portal then it just stores 'Enhancement Request', i.e. the second level but if the call is logged by a support analyst via the live site, then it stores as 'Service Request: Enhancement Request', i.e. levels 1 and 2. Is there anyway to make this consistent? This is causing an issue with our reporting (see excerpt below). Requests->Category Name Service Request:Technical Request Enhancement Request General Question Service Request:Enhancement Request General Question Enhancement Request Service Request:Enhancement Request Enhancement Request
  7. Hi @Yodit Thanks for that solution, it works well within Hornbill, and the authorisation task is now correct, but the authorisation email still has zulu time which is still causing confusion. How do we get the correct date in the email?
  8. Thanks @Martyn Houghton, it finally showed after 45 minutes. The other search options don't help when I'm trying to apply an email to a request which was where I got stuck.
  9. A customer logged a new request at 14:10, then followed it up with an email. I'm attempting to apply the email to the request, but it's not finding the Request, despite me checking the reference is correct. I also cannot find the Request by reference if I use the search bar at the very top of Hornbill. It's now 14:33 and I still can't find the Request. I've tried in both Chrome and Edge.
  10. Hi, I have a date / time captured in Progress Capture Questions which I then use to populate Details and Tasks via the Business Process. Unfortunately this is then coming through as GMT not BST, which is causing confusion for the authoriser. It shows correctly in Questions but not in Tasks or when I append to Details. How can I get it to use the current time zone and not zulu? Question: Task: Details:
  11. Following on from Hiten's update yesterday, we have now removed all languages but English (British). We would however like to understand when this changed, as I don't recall seeing any announcements about this. To confirm, we had not made any changes to the customer portal prior to this issue, and it was working fine, so we just want to understand what changes Hornbill made and how we would have been made aware of these. Thanks
  12. We have some users whose email address is different to their Login Id. The system appears to be using the Email for logging in, not Login Id, which is causing problems where multiple users have the same email address (e.g. shared team mailbox). These are Guest accounts for our external customers. What is Login Id used for if it's not logging in, and why is the authentication using Email not Login Id?
  13. Ignore me, just found the setting. Apologies. webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.list.enableNoTeamAllUsers
  14. When we get new calls we don't auto-assign Team, so we get the 'x No Team Assigned' link in the top right of the Request List. Some of our service analysts aren't seeing this link when others are. Can anyone advise what setting controls visibility of this?
  15. Hi @James Ainsworth Yes this is still occuring. When trying to view Saved queries I get: And when updating or saving a new query I get: And at the time attempted to save there is the following in the EspFileService log 2 15 Jul 2021 08:13:42 error process 6124 Folder does not exist.
  16. Thanks all for the replies, I've sent Steve G the details for Hornbill removal. Are there any plans to allow users or superusers to do this? As mentioned, it is for data security reasons that we are looking to remove it, therefore we would like to be able to do this ourselves.
  17. Hi, I'm getting the below error when attempting to save a query in Database Direct. I'm sure this worked previously. The EspFileService logs have the following error which looks like it corresponds with my attempts: Folder does not exist. If I click Manage Saved Queries it doesn't load, just keeps loading... Can anyone advise? Thanks
  18. Hi An update was added by a Support Analyst to a request with a pasted image, but this needs to be removed for data security reasons. We don't appear to have access to do this (Super User Role). Please can someone advise. Thanks Caroline
  19. Thanks for the quick turnaround on this one, it is working and we were able to successfully migrate last night.
  20. Thanks for the reply Mary. To clarify, I have not made any changes to the mapping and it was importing attachments without error until yesterday. There's no h_contentlocation field in my conf.json so I've no idea how it is mapping to this, we only define the source file path for attachement, no other attachment related config that I can find. However the recent update to Service Manager (2246) states: The attachment procedure has been updated in line with the server changes to enhance the storage and security of attachments.
  21. I've done multiple migrations (SWRequestImport tool) over the last few weeks and today I'm getting errors and attachments are not migrating. Does this relate to the recent update Service Manager (2246)? 2021/06/22 16:54:06 [ERROR] Added file data but unable to set Content Location on [SR00002801] for File Content [F0011944 - General Question - Please find attached query on question reference 3136_.msg]: The text size provided (309 characters) is greater than the maximum allowable size of 256 characters for column h_contentlocation We are due to kick off our final migration on Thursday, so this is a major issue for us.
  22. New Update: Hornbill Admin Tool (1377) says there is a new setting mail.client.defaultFontSize. We cannot see this setting, have I misunderstood something? I've looked in Home > System > Settings > Advanced Thanks
  23. I note from the Announcements that the Index Storage facility has been removed. How are we now supposed to resolve issues where new requests are not showing in searches? Can I also suggest the wiki page is updated accordingly (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Index_Storage)
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