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  1. I have been told to raise this by our SME as we are currently in the process of moving over our entire Knowledge base from Service Now into Hornbill FAQs. This has been, and continues to be, a painful process as we have over 1600 articles with assisting documents all being copied over by hand. So my main question is will the new Knowledge Management system be able to take the FAQ's with attached documents directly and import them? I am also interested in the way the new system will allow us to search for information. Currently the way this is done for Service Management is clunky and is not helping our Service Desk at all. I did ask if we could get a basic search outside of a request for Service Desk rather like the Portal but told you cannot do this due to all resources being on the new system. I would also like the ability to search in the editor to allow quick updates - Currently the only way to find a FAQ to update it is to put it into Alphabetical order and mouse over when you get near. A pain when you have a lot of articles starting with the same subject i.e Windows 10 as you can imaging. Even being able to move the display to show full titles would help. Then we come on to the timescales, when are we going to get a first look at the new system? Many thanks Tracey Edwards
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