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  1. Morning, This is going to be a morning of questions I'm afraid, but I've split them into topics. To test my BP I have created a new catalogue item, and new BP and PC to go with it. To check the BP works, I have to create a ticket. This goes into our normal queue. Is there a way to set up a test area, so the tickets do not enter our queue? I am cancelling the tickets but because I am new to Hornbill I am having the test the BP as I go to, so quite a few extra tickets. Thanks
  2. I have a number BPM with a number of human Tasks which should run in parallel. I want to suspend the end of parallel processing until all the human Tasks have an outcome of either completed or skipped. I've tried an automation node but I don't have the option to wait for a task outcome. I also tried a decision but can't figure out where to send the 'no match' option if the condition is not met. Thanks
  3. Thank you so much Steven I'll dive into these now.
  4. Hello all, as a newbie I am relieved to find such an active forum for an ITSM tool. We are looking at our new user process – moving from paper to user self-service. The SR needs to have sub-tasks (or something similar), up to around 20 – which will be processed by different teams, with the 'parent' SR updated as a Task is completed. Some of these Tasks need to run concurrently, some sequentially, and some with will be approval Tasks for non-IT reams/people. I'm assuming Tasks are the best way to handle this, but if not, let me know. Does anyone have a new starter process
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