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  1. Hi. Thanks. Another question. Why would a user's status change from Active to Suspended? We have assumed this is because they have incorrectly added their userid or password too many times. Thanks, Damian
  2. How many times does a user have to correctly enter their userid and password before they are suspended? Can this number be amended?
  3. I would like the user import template to be updated so that you can add organisation and 2FA details about a new user. We have just done a large import of users which then needed to manually updated with each user's organisation and if they needed 2FA. It would be also be good if you could add details for other fields as well, e.g. job description.
  4. I have looked through the wiki page on Activities and can't understand how I can reassign a task to another analyst when I'm not the assignee. An analyst is sick and has a task assigned to them. Even as sys admin I can't reassign to another analyst. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Could I put forward a possible enhancement? Some of our forms are quite large, e.g. change requests. Users may not be able to complete these forms in a single go and would like to be able to save and edit them before they send/submit. Is this possible and if not could be put forward as a possible enhancement?
  6. The officer that set up the API has said "Its the Intune PowerShell import script that is set-up. I think its would probably just need the API to allow the sub-status to be updated and then a value to set. As its a dropdown it might be and ID or the actual text, but I believe it was either one of 2 issues. Not implemented in the API, or should work but doesn't." Does this help?
  7. The API does not seem to let us set the sub-state for an asset - is this possible? We would like to bring in assets with the status of Active and the sub-status of Allocated.
  8. I have a FAQ which needs to be in more than one service. I don't want to copy and paste it into multiple services. I am not sure what this box below does. It looks like I should be able to select more than one service, but it only allows me to select one. How can I select more than one or do I need to copy and paste?
  9. At the moment, when an email is imported into the system any attachment is also added. However, images in the email signature are also imported as attachments. Can this be stopped? Is there a setting that will prevent this from happening?
  10. In our instance we have a number of services which are only visible to analysts/users. This means that basic customers/users can not view their requests via the portal (My Requests). We think that if you are the customer of a request then it should always be visible in My Requests even if the service is not visible.
  11. Feature request - would it be possible to have a library picker under the document tab against each service? This is so documents can be grouped rather than be in a long list.
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