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  1. Noticed this a few days ago. Just looking at a ticket, reading it, not making any changes now sends it to the top of the Request List View. This is because the ticket believes it has been updated in the view. For example, I looked at IN00011752 and when I returned to the Request List View, is it sitting at the top saying "Last updated -> seconds ago".
  2. Would like to create a report that lists feedback; currently can easily produce a report that shows ratings out of five. The following fields are self explanatory; Requests->Feedback Status ID Requests->Feedback Status Requests->Rating What I am still looking for is the Customer Feedback questions fields, as we ask three voluntary questions when feedback is requested. Thanks
  3. @Victor It is working, down to the location of the Start Timer in the BPM process. Thanks for helping. The node was too early in the process and so when the progressive capture came into play, it did not take effect.
  4. @Victor Double Checked and using the same East Suffolk Generic Workflow Process. Do you know what fields hold the start, stop, resume counters, I could create a report and look to see what is missing.
  5. @Victor Interesting, made some changes, all is working, except for tickets coming in via the Portal Tested Analyst and Email, both worked fine. Tested with Portal, and as you can see from below, nothing applied. Any pointers always received gratefully. Above graphic only has my name listed, so no data issues
  6. @Victor This is a valid point, and am going through all the BPM's and double checking the start and stop resolve timers.
  7. This is a bit of a mystery. Some tickets going through the system are not picking up Request Resolved time, this is only happening with one SLA level which is LOW, but then again not all the time. So date logged, resolved and closed are all populated, but only a few tickets set to LOW are reporting a value for Within Resolve Time. As you can see some Email tickets work, some do not, same goes for Analyst tickets. All Self Service do not work. Any pointers ? Where should I be looking ?
  8. @Victor That will most likely be the issue, start and end fix timers. Can you let me know which node that function come under from the list below. Very grateful for your time on this... and found it under HornBill automation, which seems reasonable. Just need to work into into the workflow now.
  9. @Victor Bascially copied the guidance from Corporate Service Level Agreements - Hornbill Service Levels below. Rules populated SLA for Low Rule, which I have kept very simple.
  10. I have followed the guidance from Corporate Service Level Agreements - Hornbill but SLA do not seem to be applying to incoming tickets. Issue seems to be the following Linked Services When a Corporate Service Level Agreement is first created it will not be available to be used until it is associated to one or more of the Services you offer. In order to associate it to a Service, visit a Service record > SLA's tab > and use the Link button to associate the Corporate SLA. Once the Corporate SLA is associated to one or more Services, you will be able to see which Services it is linked to from this tab. Image below says it is linked. Simple rules to apply a SLA to an incoming ticket are in place. but SLA is not applying to new tickets Thanks in advance.
  11. Working on some reports to work out typical Request Resolved Times. Initial basic report is giving this field as not populated when run. I presume this field needs to be calculated in a process somewhere within the BPM or Progressive Capture stages ? Thanks
  12. @James Ainsworth @Nikolaj Found the solution, bit of a strange one. The two users, now five were set as 'Asset Management (Read Only)', and previously they have been able to view asset without any issues. For some reason that setting resulted in my initial screenshot. I have now set them to 'Asset Manager User' and they are now able to search and view assets as they did before. Thanks for you replies.
  13. Currently have this issue with a couple of users. Searching for an asset that does exist in the Asset Register returns the following screen below. Working for many but not for two users. Users affected have tried the the issue on Edge, Chrome and IE. But same result for all
  14. Another day, so more than likely another question from me. When a customer updates a ticket in the portal by posting a new update or adding to an existing comment, the ticket owner is not getting any notifications. Home > Applications ? Service Manager > Application Settings are set to BOTH Wondering if the notification emails are misfiring ? Is there something else I need to check ? Been using this page for reference -> Service Manager Notification Settings - Hornbill
  15. Just noticed this issue on emails being sent out from Hornbill Template is as follows {{.H_datelogged}} seems to add an extra Z at the end of the line
  16. @DanielRi Thanks for the advice, all working fine.
  17. Thanks @DanielRi Had a look, the items that look like the settings that might create a notification under notificationtypes were as you mentioned, and.. So I have turned them on and will see how they perform today.
  18. We have just started to use the Self Service queue. We currently have a good process in place with dealing with the inbox, but we are all forgetting to check the self service queue. When a self service ticket is raise via the portal, can an automated email be sent to the agents in the team to say 'something has arrived' Thanks
  19. Think I have found it guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.defaultVisibility.email
  20. Bit odd, still trying to find the solution to this. Still set as CUSTOMER even though app.email.routing.rules.default.visibility.update is set to TEAM
  21. @Steve Giller Thanks for helping. Took a look and it was already set to TEAM ?
  22. When you apply an email from the HornBill inbox to a ticket, is there a way to set the default to TEAM. At the moment it is set to customer. I know it can be found somewhere in settings/application/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ but do not know the variable Thanks
  23. Changing comments visibility to all previous tickets to TEAM Had a request to investigate if it is possible to set all previous ticket comments to TEAM. As we have over a thousand tickets in the system this is not a task that could be done manually. Any suggestions please, is this a case of asking HornBill for help?
  24. Has anyone written a report which you can run against a single analyst which lists all the 'comments' they have made in all their tickets. Each ticket would presumably have either a single comment or many, so finding it tricky to create this report.
  25. So, problem solving so far. Deleted the Hornbill automated Node which sends the notification email, and the error goes away. Rebuild a new Hornbill automated Node with a brand new email template, and the error occurs again. Still referring to this phantom entity
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