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  1. @Steve Giller Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. B)

    I thought this was the case as my name is listed against the other user profile in the Manager field in Basic Information.  This is pulled through with our AD update/import.

    So in theory this should have worked.  I deleted the entry with my name and then added myself manually to this field.  I can can pull down that users name in the user's field.

    Previously only my name appeared in the Manager field in Basic Information, now my name appears with my email address in brackets behind it.

    It might revert overnight, so will check to see what the situation is in the morning. :)



  2. Our users tend to not close any calls, our current percentage is only 4% of calls are closed by the user and feedback given. :(

    Total: 302 Requests | 1 new | 40 open | 52 on-hold | 209 resolved

    Once resolved users get an email, and the call is automatically closed after 5 days.

    Is there a way to "automate" an email reminder after 3 days to remind the user to close the call and give feedback.

    Thanks in advance :rolleyes:

  3. Hi

    Is it possible to have a ticket dependant on a sub ticket before it can be resolved.

    We have a new starter process that relies on actions from four different teams within our HornBill Service Manager structure.

    Is it possible to have a master ticket, which is then dependant on other tickets being resolved/closed before the master ticket itself can be resolved.

    Bit like a parent - child relationship.

    Thanks in advance.


  4. Have tried to share My Dashboards (chart view) to others via the Team level, but seems not to be working?

    Others in the Team are getting this when they click the 'Switch to my Dashboards' 


    I am correct to think the word 'My' means they can only be viewed by me ?

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