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  1. Thank you. Have checked our User Manager Mapping settings and they are the same as shown on the link you gave me. Could it be that "Search For Manager Id" needs to be on, so the Managers Name matched in the Regex must explicitly match the full name in Hornbill.
  2. The AD user update ran at 4pm, and the Manager field in Basic Information for the user has reverted to the AD import state, which shows just my name. Subsequently I no longer can view their activities in my activities view. This might be an unknown issue ?
  3. @Steve Giller Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I thought this was the case as my name is listed against the other user profile in the Manager field in Basic Information. This is pulled through with our AD update/import. So in theory this should have worked. I deleted the entry with my name and then added myself manually to this field. I can can pull down that users name in the user's field. Previously only my name appeared in the Manager field in Basic Information, now my name appears with my email address in brackets behind it. It might revert overnight, so will check to see what the situation is in the morning.
  4. I would like to view the current assigned activities for other users. When I click on the available other users I only get the choice to of my own name. Is there a way to add other users to the drop down to I can see their activity progress. Is this a view issue, or possibly the way the activities were created ? Thanks
  5. Easy question today. Which permission / role do I need to assign so a colleague can create and update email templates located in 'Home > System > Email > Templates' I want them to look after the Service Manager email templates. Thanks
  6. @Adrian Simpkins Thank you for this. I will need to take up your offer of help, as will need to know the settings within the nodes and decisions. Our current BPM from the 'Decision' box looks as though it could simply be altered to add a 'chaser' email.
  7. Our users tend to not close any calls, our current percentage is only 4% of calls are closed by the user and feedback given. Total: 302 Requests | 1 new | 40 open | 52 on-hold | 209 resolved Once resolved users get an email, and the call is automatically closed after 5 days. Is there a way to "automate" an email reminder after 3 days to remind the user to close the call and give feedback. Thanks in advance
  8. Reports page is now working correctly, the page is now displaying our reports. We did nothing to resolve this, so something must have resolved itself overnight. @Alisha The SSO SAML we will update over the weekend when the service desk is closed. The SSO SAML banner is now appearing on the admin home page , whereas before we only noticed it when going to the reports page.
  9. @Steve Giller Thank you. The url worked, but have discovered an error message. Your SSO SAML Metadata Configuration needs to be updated, this can be done from the SSO Profiles page. Please see here for more details Followed the link and reading now.
  10. I just went to run a report, adhoc one, so went to Home > Applications > Service Manager > Reports Little bit of a worry, the image below is what I am now seeing. Is this a temporary issue ? {{appStrings[key+'$'+set] || default}} Advice please.
  11. @Victor Thank you for your reply. Just taken a look at the history, something I should have looked at initially. Actually looks as though the LDAP User Import is still running from the 9th September at 20:00, as it is not showing a completed time.
  12. Have noticed that our LDAP User Import which creates new Hornbill User Accounts and update existing ones has decided to stop on the 9th September. What basic steps do I need to follow to resolve this issue. Thanks as always. All sensitive data has been blanked out with the awful snipping tool chisel pen
  13. Hi Is it possible to have a ticket dependant on a sub ticket before it can be resolved. We have a new starter process that relies on actions from four different teams within our HornBill Service Manager structure. Is it possible to have a master ticket, which is then dependant on other tickets being resolved/closed before the master ticket itself can be resolved. Bit like a parent - child relationship. Thanks in advance.
  14. @Steve Giller we have lift off The fields which were creating the errors were h_location_type (Location Type) and h_operational_state (Operational State) Your help is much appreciated.
  15. @Steve Giller Thanks Have been searching for instructions with regards to field values such as 0,1 or 2, but have not been very successful.
  16. Testing phase at the moment, trying to add an item to the Asset Database via the upload function. Just one entry in the csv, but this result in an error being given. Usually the errors are quite specific, this however seems more DB related. assetComputerPeripheral.csv
  17. All working here, but just noticed when creating a new call from an email, the email is not being deleted from the inbox afterwards.
  18. Is there an easy way to merge data to existing assets when importing from a .csv file. We are currently updating all our assets, basically starting from scratch. Using the Upload new Assets creates new entries, so not sure about the best way to proceed.
  19. @Victor and all working now. I follow instructions to the letter, and in this case to the forward slash too. assetComputer file is now downloaded.
  20. @Victor I Navigate to "Upload new Assets" and select Asset Class "Computer System", then click on Download Template File This errors out, so I correct the url with the extra / and correct the case spelling on the assetcomputer.csv to assetComputer.csv, then click enter. After that I get the Invalid session text
  21. @Victor Thank you for your help on this. Did as instructed above, changed "https://mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com//<instance_id>/", and made sure case was correct on .csv Sadly I get the following message, I am using Edge Invalid session
  22. We are trying to download the templates for the Assets but get the following message. The specified resource was not found Any ideas please ?
  23. Odd issue this In the email preview in the Hornbill outbox the {{.H_fixby|formatLocalTime}} is showing correct But in the email sent and received it is showing as follows Also, is there a formatLocalDate so it shows 22-03-2021 ? Thanks
  24. We noticed that we are unable to email a user, even though they show as a user in USERS. When we enter that users record the following error appears at the bottom right. Users are updated from AD. We deleted that user record last night, and AD added them during the next sync.
  25. Have tried to share My Dashboards (chart view) to others via the Team level, but seems not to be working? Others in the Team are getting this when they click the 'Switch to my Dashboards' I am correct to think the word 'My' means they can only be viewed by me ?
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