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  1. Thanks @Daniel Dekel Great work on the new UI, its much cleaner and aesthetically pleasing. Cheers Chris
  2. Hello With the current portal, service offerings are presented in a grid format where the employee can see all offerings on the page without scrolling. In the the new UI offerings are presented as a list where the user needs to scroll to see all offering available. Is it possible to present these as a grid view, so as much can be displayed on the page as possible? The problem we anticipate is, if users have to scroll, they are more likely to pick one of the first offerings without looking at the other. This could potentially mean request submitted on the wrong template. For example please see attached. Our first offering is "Report a fault", without being visually presented the whole list we feel user will just select this as the first item they see. with the old layout we can see 9 offerings, but with the new layout we can only see 4.
  3. @Steve Gillerjust to confirm its not possible to disable mobile app access with our current subscription? Normally I guess this wouldn't be a major issues but we have 121 analysts and would be easier to restrict access rather than ask them not to use it. Thanks
  4. Is there a setting to disable the ability for analysts to register a device and gain access via a Mobile Device (or disable access on mobile apps)? We have just gone live a don't want to provide access on personal devices. We are also are yet to look at the capability of the mobile app and want to manage lots of user questions at this time. Thanks
  5. If I use the global search option I can search for "CSRV*" to pull up a list of requests containing that search argument. Alas, doing the same for "1CSRV*" gives "No results found". There seems to be an issues with the leading character being a number. Is this a bug?
  6. Please can I raise a feature request for a setting to include archived users in the user search (this would be the Customer Search form in the PCF, Customised user-related questions in the PCF, change subscribers in the request record etc.) We have a use where a leaver may already be disabled in our AD and the user becomes archived and said user is unable to be selected in a our leaver request PCF. Thanks
  7. Thanks for your reply James. A read only view is something we will definitely need, so thanks for adding our interest to that backlog item. Do you know the rough timescales on this? Out of the box control of the asset classes / types seems like a sensible suggestion for a future feature. For example we wouldn't want our desktop engineers having access to edit network assets and vice versa. We have 110 analysts who would need access to view assets and we are uncomfortable opening this up to everyone. As soon as we have inaccuracies in our CMDB its time consuming to rectify. Many Thanks
  8. Hi I understand there is two roles relating to asset management; Asset Management Admin – This role is for an Asset Management Administrator. It includes rights to define new and edit existing Asset Types as well as being able to add detailed Asset information. Asset Management User - This role is for an Asset Management User. It includes rights to define new and edit existing Assets as well as being able to add detailed Asset information. We have many analysts who are required to update specific asset types and certain fields. Is it possible to provide granular accesses to assets, so only certain asset types can be updated or even a small number of fields? The problem is we have many analysts who need to update assets and we can’t limit the scope of access meaning potential data quality and auditing issues. Also, is there a read only role, so analysts can view not edit. Thanks Chris
  9. Hi, When using the link document action button in service manager, the timeline entry does not provide a hyperlink. We wish to use this to direct customers to documents when the customer visibility is selected, so they can see a link in the portal. Can a link be included in the timeline entry and not just be plain text? Many Thanks
  10. This is also something that our customer have requested.
  11. HI @Daniel Dekel We had some customer feedback session last week with 40 staff across our organisation. There was a lots of feedback to say the home button was too small and they could not initial find how to navigate back to our min page. This feedback was from users who did not have accessibility issues. Would it be possible to request this as an enhancement? Thanks
  12. Following customer feedback sessions, users have complained about the text size of the breadcrumb. Is there any way to change this? See attached for screenshot. Thanks Chris
  13. Thanks @Ehsan If you can let me know when the centring is fixed. Chris
  14. Thanks for the looking into this. Regarding the setting to turn off bulletins in services is this also being investigated? Chris
  15. I’m having trouble getting the following setting to work (turn off the bulletin on services landing pages). Any Ideas? ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.serviceCatalog.bulletinsAsHeader Toggle this setting for the Bulletins in the Serviice Catalog landing page to be displayed at the top of the page The reason we want to do this is when there is no image the text is not cantered within this area. Thanks Chris
  16. Hi James, Thanks for your reply. I was thinking along the lines of being able to search the "Name" field within profiles. I'm not sure tags would work that well in the scenario I mentioned and for our the way we have configured the request profile. Thanks Chris
  17. Hi, I don't believe it is currently possible for analyst to search the "Request Category" within a request. This would be a really useful enhancement as we have a large number of categories and could speed up the selection time and allow analysts to search if they can't find something. Is this possible?
  18. Hi James, Thanks for suggesting a solution to the above, I will discuss this with our team and come back to you if we need further advice. Kind Regards
  19. We would also like to have the ability to change date fields as part of our release process. Deployment and warranty dates may not be fully understood when creating an initial release request/record. This information is updated with accurate information throughout the release process. The only alternative we currently have is to use free text which is not ideal when a date picker should be used. It give the perception of poor design to customers inputting the infomation. Kind Regards
  20. +1 for additional flexibility to add custom fields.
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