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  1. I want to add an additional person as a member of a ticket and also email them for a new starter. can you advise how i can add these to these automations or would i need copy the notes and link them - surely i should be able to do it within this just add them ? This is the workflow
  2. Thank for taking time out and asking those questions it really made me thing too! The purpose they needed to view them was to help put internal notes and have visibility of how many tickets the team has. What i have done i have given that user 'user access' within Hornbill so they have functionality to do alot more - Im happy for this case to be closed. Thanks for all the pointers Steve really very helpful!
  3. For seniors other than their managers to see their teams tickets is the main reasons based on who the manager is set to? I have changed someone's manager so they can view a wide range of tickets for the team but it hasn't synched through to the user. How long does it take to refresh? Also changing the manager for someone within Hornbill what other implications and links does it have? End Goal is - A senior member of Finance team wants to see all of finance tickets however he can only see his teams but he wants to see all of finance's team (The team is spilt into many teams). Is the
  4. @Martyn Houghton Thank you getting back to you me Strange i did enter the below which i believe is correct but it just error'd - Do i need to enter it in some sort of format ? Service - Employee & Account Services Catalog Item - Employee Leavers- Tidy-up actions
  5. @Steve G @Victor I currently have an automation which is highlighted that opens a new ticket. How do i get a hornbill automation to open another Catalogue and then carrying on with closing the ticket? (Not sure that makes sense? ) So open a new request but follow another workflow below? So the request-leavers process then opens a new ticket but using this flow - At the moment the leavers ticket closes and it does open a new ticket but what i want it to do is close the leavers and open a new ticket with leavers laters actions workflow? can you help please? So
  6. Legend!!!!!! Its on hold! perfect! thank you so very much! learnt so much in the process too! @Steve G
  7. Agree i now have a new catalogue and workflow- so just stuck on and error i get now on the back of the below. The ticket is still not going on hold? I have also used the suspend option but still doesnt put ticket on hold?
  8. I can see on a hornbill automation node that there is an option to update request and then you can set sub-status. However im not sure i link it the work flow as it may chance the original ticket? Not sure that makes sense ?
  9. We use sub status to put things on hold - i cant see anywhere where i could specify this ?
  10. @Steve G The last part i am stuck on is. How to i get the new ticket to be created and sit on hold for 60days?
  11. Perfect @Steve G I see its an Hornbill automation task. How would i get it to assign it to the same person who resolves it ?
  12. This is very helpful. How about a new ticket being opened and sent to service desk 1st line and the subject is carried over and something in the box of the ticket that says (Its now been 90 days since LeaverName has left the business please close AD account) is that an option and how do i do this?
  13. Once this leaver ticket has been closed. In the background I would a ticket to be re-open again with ticket details of the leaver and go to service desk. How can i achieve this?
  14. We just tested and its back. Any reason why this may have happened?
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