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  1. Great i have archived them and also assigned their workspace to me which i think is the right thing to do ? When i archived the users i can still see them visible as users in the users org list ? @James Ainsworth
  2. This is super useful info @James Ainsworth Can you confirm that the previous owner created alot of the work flows and change management side if things - these wont be lost if i archive them ? Also when we archive them is it good practice to demote them to a basic user too ?
  3. RE: Home System /oganisational Data\Users Just to confirm I am the systems Admin for Honrbill in our company and have the full acess. Background:: So my predecessor who was the Service Desk Team leader has left its been approx 6months. His Account type is set to user and he is suspended. The question i have is he created a fair about of documents within document manager, change process, lots of work flows and im sure alot more etc. If i change him to Basic i see the below prompt. Will i loose all this. The last thing i want is to change him to basic access and we loose everything ? Is there a way for me to get everything assigned over to me which was his documents? Demoting a user account to a basic user will delete this users Personal Buzz, Personal E-Mail and files stored in their My Library, as well as removing any user privilege level roles, please confirm you want to do this I confirm I wish to demote user account
  4. I appreciate i only logged this this morning would appreciate a response as soon as you can please
  5. For some reason any ticket which is assigned to this analyst is always locked for updates, resolve and emails why is this? I have to keep unlocking it for them?
  6. Home System Organisational Data Users XXXXX I have granted someone access to update tickets but the ticket is showing as locked for them - why would this be as their access matches someones else's on the team. see attached - Please advise? (If i give incident management full access then he has access but i dont want to give this)
  7. Our Document Management centres around only one version of a document being available, controlling who is required to read the document (once a notification is sent to a group or an individual they need to be able to easily sign off that they have read the required documents) and the provision of reporting to indicate who has or has not read an individual document.
  8. Is there a way if we load a document into honrbill can we notify individual users to read this and then report on this later?
  9. Ok so im logged in with out Admin details. Can you advise how i would update the cert?
  10. Oh apologies i should of said i did change it but still not like my creds?
  11. Im unable to log in from this https://admin.hornbill.com/<instance>/?ESPBasic=true (I should be the admin for our site)
  12. Hi We seemed to have a problem with the our Hornbill certification (See attached). Can someone advise?
  13. Thank you for above it is definitely food for thought. I will review with seniors management team and come back to you if i need further guidance on this-
  14. Advise and support required - We have a rule setup that once a call is resolved it remains resolved for a short period of time then it should automatically close however we have a huge backlog of resolved tickets dating back to 2018 which haven't closed and are set to resolved. Is there a way to run a command that closes all resolves calls? i cannot do this in bulk from my end?
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