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  1. I'd also like to know when an email template filter has been applied... have you got an update on the progress of this please? Thanks, Pip
  2. Good Morning, Has there been any updates to the way that Hornbill manages notifications? I'm finding my team are missing actions due to the lack of email notifications. It would be incredibly beneficial for us to have email notifications as it's unrealistic for us to have the Hornbill page constantly open in a browser, or the mobile app installed. Many thanks, Pip
  3. Good Morning, Our Hornbill service isn't uploading an excel workbook which is password protected and has macros as an attachment. Are you aware of this restriction and is there any way around it? "Error: a problem occurred uploading the file (Error code: 0)" Thanks, Pip
  4. Hi James & Gerry, I'd also like connections to have visibility of attachments in future if possible please. In terms of use case, this is because a lot of the context of the requests raised in our team can come from an attachment, so connections wouldn't get a comprehensive view of the request without the attachment information, e.g. product screenshots. Thanks, Philippa
  5. Hi, We have a large amount of email templates, some of which we use as part of the BPM. All email templates are available when you are going to reply to a request via email, many of which are not needed. I want to restrict the list of available email templates in the email section of a request page, is this possible? Thanks, Pip Hamilton
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