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  1. Hi @AndyGilly At the moment the changes and new releases are being posted in Announcements. Here is the last one: https://community.hornbill.com/topic/18171-hornbill-itom-package-library-17/ Although now we are thinking of designing a better way to present this information trough the ITOM - Package Library view. Cheers, Bautista
  2. @AndyGilly I was just about to reply that, seems you are using old version of edge, while this is a Hornbill supported browser, old Edge does not support JavaScript ES6 so we are still working on I.E/Edge compatibility. I.E and Edge is and will be available for ITOM, but during this preview period, we are still working on some issue you may not find if using chrome/firefox/new edge. We already identified the issue with the Job Details page, and we are working to resolve it for the next Admin Tool release. Cheers, Bautista
  3. @Giuseppe Iannacone Thanks for reporting the issue. Problem was fixed, and will be available in the next admin tool release. Cheers,
  4. @Giuseppe Iannacone Re: "I'm unable to choose a ldap credential even if it is stored into the key safe section" Thanks for letting us know, this was fixed and will be available in the next release of the Admin Tool among with a new functionality to populate the LDAP Server field with the host value set on the credentials. Cheers, Bautista
  5. @Dan Munns thanks for the info. If you go in the admin tool to Home > Applications > Hornbill Collaboration > Business Processes Do you have any bpm there that might have the same name? Thanks,
  6. @Dan Munns Do you have any other runbook created or is the first one you're trying to create? Can you provide me with any replication steps, as I'm not being able to replicate it. Thanks, Bautista
  7. This one works really well and it's available for most browsers: https://darkreader.org/
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