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  1. Thank you @Gerry for your quick and comprehensive reply!! I've had Hornbill Customer Success get in touch with me by email today and I've have got them in contact with our IT Business Solutions Manager and our Desktop Manager to discuss the exact requirements Thank you again for being extremely helpful and pointing me the right direction Cheers again Rashid
  2. Good Afternoon, We currently use Hornbill Service Manager at Milton Keynes Council IT, to log, process and record all issues raised by council officers. We also have the Employee Portal, currently only available internally (only the council network as it requires Office 365 authentication) which is used by council officers to log these issues for investigation, monitor the progress of their tickets and also contains a FAQ area for useful IT information. **Officers can log in on a private connection, using a personal device, but only if they log in using their email and password not using SSO** A proposal has been put forward by the councils Finance and HR departments to bring in these to service areas into our existing IT instance of Hornbill Service manager, under our current subscription. To bring in both Finance and HR, the setup must meet the following conditions: Tickets must be kept separate and in their own queue from the existing IT tickets Must be accessible to technicians in HR and Finance across domains – HR and Finance officers are spread across a mixture of Milton-keynes.gov.uk domains as well as Northampton and Cambridge domains It needs to be accessible to those mixed domain officers using SSO Is this possible? What additional components are required to make this work? What are the issues with this setup? Regards Rashid
  3. Hi @David Hall Has there been any further developments regarding this issue? Is this potentially a bug? Should we roll back the resolution timer change? Do let me know Regards Rashid
  4. @Victor My apologies Victor, I'll be more mindful of what i post on the forum in the future Your linked post is really helpful to outline what shouldn't be posted on the forum - i've passed the info onto my colleagues too :)
  5. Hi @David Hall Apologies for the various chasers Just to let you know, Some more examples from April of Service Manager incorrectly recording a call as breaching the resolve timer when it clearly hasn’t.
  6. Hi @David Hall Thank you for coming back to me Your update above got us looking at all the calls that are breached like this again 1. We can definitely see calls raised via the self service portal, during working days/hours 2. We could see that Hornbill was still registering that the resolution was met in some way, as when you hover over the breach you can see when the call was actually closed by the system and when all the SLAs should have been taken off pause and stopped ticking complely 3. With just this ticket as an example (we have many since the resolution timer pause change was made) you can see that this call was due breach on the 29/03 at 4:55pm. It was actioned and set to resolve on the 23/03 11:01am The call had around 6 days 19 hours left in the SLA - the real time taken to action the call minus off the 7 day SLA for this call. It looks as if Hornbill is placing the call on pause until it is ready to auto-close, but then decides to carry on counting down from the date of closure The date in the future is what the breach time would be if the call was re-opened on the 30th and left to tick over
  7. Hi @David Hall We are controlling the pause/resume resolution timers function via the Service Manager Settings: Continuing to use the ticket SR00034450 i've been using for screenshots in this post In the BPM for this call, the 'classification stage' is the only place we have Timer Type nodes set; we don't have timer nodes set in the 'Fulfilment & Closure' stage The timer nodes we have during this stage seem to only be nodes to start the timer
  8. Hi @David Hall Thank you David, really appreciate it! Kindest Regards Rashid
  9. Hi @David Hall Just wondering if this has been found to be a bug or if a fix can be proposed? Regards Rashid
  10. Hi @David Hall Further to my update above The escalate row has the following info attached to it: { "detail": "Resolution Timer Escalated\r\n* The target resolution time has been changed from '''[2021-04-07T15:55:00.000Z]''' to '''[2021-03-29T15:55:00.000Z]'''", "flowcode": "smSLMEscalateResolutionTimer", "prevSysTimerElapsedWorkingTime": "PT0S", "prevSysTimerElapsedTime": "PT6S", "prevSysTimerslcName": "ServiceDeskDefaultCalendar", "prevSysTimerstartTime": "2021-03-22 17:52:40Z", "prevSysTimerstate": "1", "newSysTimerElapsedWorkingTime": "PT0S", "newSysTimerElapsedTime": "PT0S", "newSysTimerslcName": "ServiceDeskDefaultCalendar", "newSysTimerstartTime": "2021-03-22 17:52:46Z", "newSysTimerstate": "0" } And the Resume status set by the system states this: { "detail": "The resolution target has been resumed", "fixTime": "2021-04-07 13:25:06Z", "previousFixTime": "2021-03-29T15:55:00.000Z", "systemTimerElapsedWorkingTime": "PT2H31M58S", "systemTimerElapsedTime": "PT181H39M18S" }
  11. Hi @David Hall Sorry about the belated reply So i've given your instructions a go and using the above ticket as an example i can see that the timer was paused once i resolved the issue, it was then marked as fixed when the ticket closed automatically on the 30th The system then resumed the timer almost immediately, is that correct? I can see that this was the case for the other tickets mentioned in the spreadsheet too- Pause once resolved, then Mark Fixed and resume almost immediatly The ticket is pretty simple in terms of the tasks and the timeline - see below
  12. Hi, I've scanned the forum to see if anyone had already posted this issue, but could've missed it, so please do point me to it if this has already been raised. One of our managers ran a report for the month of March and came upon a discrepancy whereby even though the request resolve by and the date resolved were met, the within resolve time criteria was still appearing as breached (see attached spreadsheet) We applied the Pause Resolution Timer enhancement on the 2nd of March so these calls should adhere to this setting - we confirmed that the enhancement works after the latest update released on the same day One thing we did notice for the tickets where this issue exists is that the resolution missed is way in the future, well after the call has been closed and timers ended is this a known issue? Application Support - resolved calls by analyst - with SLAs_629.xlsx
  13. Hi James, We gave this a go last night and unfortunately it still keep the resolution timer ticking even after the call is closed Below is an image showing the settings we enabled (basically matching the image you provided earlier) , what the status of the resolution timer looked like at each stage of the call and finally the report (after the call was closed) confirming the fact that Hornbill still doesn't the resolution has been met. Any advice on how we can get past this issue would be really appreciated Regards Rashid
  14. Hi James, Thank you for your quick reply I think one of the settings that I didn't enable was app.request.stopresolutiontimeronclose setting I will try this tonight and will update yourself via this post on the result. Do let me know if you get any info back from the Dev team, though this additional change to the setting may fix this issue i'm having (fingers crossed) Regards Rashid
  15. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Business_Process_Workflow#Request_Timers Hi, This forum was particularly helpful with another config change query I had, I was hoping to everyone's brains again? Request Timers; we've recently looked to apply this new enhancement via Application Settings, we have looked to pause the timer on resolve, restart the timer on re-open or end timer on close. We've however found that calls that have been resolved, though they appear as paused seem to also show as 'Timer ongoing' and don't seem to end on close. Our BPM's conditions for resolution timers are: • We do not mark the Resolve Timer as complete – it marks automatically when the call is resolved. • We have chosen to mark the response timer as complete when an analyst is assigned to the call. This is not the same as when the customer is contacted but does give us a measure of how quickly calls are picked up and assessed. Via the Application Settings i understand that only one of either pause on resolve or stop on close can be enable. Will we need to make changes to our BPM to be able to pause the timer on resolve and also have it continue if it gets reopened? Regards Rashid MKC
  16. @Steven Boardman , This is really helpful, i'll look through the post you've forwarded onto me Cheers Rashid
  17. Hi, Here at Milton Keynes Council its been requested that we try to implement a mechanism to priortise certain 'VIP' officers (CEO, Councillors etc.) and the their requests. I've found details about the enhancement applied in Q3 2020 - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Service_Manager_Quarterly_Update_2020_Q3 - whereby banners can be applied for VIPP requests. 1. Has anyone implemented this and does it require updating all the BPMs linked to Progressive Captures? 2. Is there a way to highlight the request, using colour, once it arrives in the Service Manager request queue for further visibility ? 3. Are there any other alternatives to prioritise these type of VIP customers? Many thanks Rashid Milton Keynes Council
  18. Hi Dan, We're still experiencing the same issue but only in IE We've had the latest update - Hornbill Administration build 1266 - applied as well as the most recent build: Hornbill Administration - 2020-07-21 07:02:48 (Build 1270) Is this still being investigated? The issue occurs when downloading the report (any file type) from Hornbill Administration. Regards Rashid MKCIT
  19. Hi, Here at Milton Keynes Council we've been looking at replacing our RFC system (sharepoint) with Hornbill Service Manager. We've come across some obstacles and were wondering what existing 'tools' in Hornbill Service Manager we can use to achieve them. Authorisers; we have multiple approvers spread across 5 teams (total of 11 potential approvers), is there any way to send an email for approval to all but just log the first response from each team? Is there any way to do this without allowing more than one approval per team? Allowing the change requestor to update the RFC following implemntation without having to get onto the Service Manager portal (via the Customer Portal only)? Hope you can assist Kind Regards Rashid Milton Keynes Council
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