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  1. Why can't there just be a default login ID that can only show the dashboards and slideshows?
  2. +1 Also the date time picker when putting something on hold seems to differ from the one used in a PC. Both should be the same
  3. There's a setting to move the email to a specific folder after raising the request:
  4. Hi Despite being able to show Department on the request list, it is missing from the advanced filter. Kind regards, Carl
  5. The only time I see this is if another user (or process) has deleted the email. The browser doesn't always seem to refresh the email list properly....
  6. Hi I'm trying to use a range of dates collected from one condition (date logged) in a second condition (date resolved). I've given the variable a reference, but I can't use it in the other contion The end result is that I'm trying to write a report that is: grouped by day, cases opened, and cases resolved, within a range of dates. Shown on a bar chart. (Case turnover) Is this possible please?
  7. Hi We have raised a "known issue" request. When someone raises a new ticket in the employee portal with the keyworrds from the issue, the notification is shown, but no cases. Please help
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