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  1. Thanks Adrian, I did go to that section, but it doesn't let me change the Target?
  2. I need to adjust the target hours for resolution on our SLA for specific priorities. I cant see the option to do this? Or do I need to create a new SLA, and link existing services to it? If I did this would it only apply to new tickets raised?
  3. Thanks, but for this service, I have one Catalog item for Incident, one for request, and one for Change, so drag and drop isnt an option. I want to change the sequence at this level, so I have Change Request last.
  4. Hi, We have a service for one of our core employee applications, within the service we have options for Incidents, Requests, and Change Requests. Is it possible to set the order of these? , as currently Change Requests is showing at the top and would rather this was below incidents and requests. Thanks.
  5. Recent implementation of Hornbill. Is there a neat way of tagging certain users as VIPs with associated commentary so its visible in the ticket and analysts are aware? Thanks, Scott.
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