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  1. i've created a new process for a project i am doing involving the portal and have set two authorisation stages One of the available fields and one i wish to utilise is customer manager however i cannot find the option to associate a manager to a customer. Basically i want the external authorisation to be an email that goes to the customers manager and am stuck on this point? Any assistance would be much appreciated Ilyaas
  2. Brilliant Thanks. I will sort @Ehsan Regards Ilyaas
  3. Thanks @nasimg might just be what we need. @Ehsan is this possible to do anytime after 11pm tonight?
  4. Hi @Ehsan Thank you for your reply, the CTRL+SHIFT+F function works fine for searching and I will certainly pass this round to all users. The issue is that we have been able to find the requests perfectly ok up until this morning and the references in question go back to early march (IN00055687 - 05/03 + IN00062161 - 11/03) Any help would be much appreciated
  5. Morning All, Have found this morning that when using the global search function at the top of the screen to locate an incident, it finds some incidents and not others. it has been perfectly fine up until today and there have no changes at all. funny thing is when searching at the top, no results are returned When searching using a view, the incident is visible and can access the relevant actions etc. Similarly if an incident is not visible in the global search and we receive a response from a customer to update an old incident, the email function doesn't find the incident either
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