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  1. Hi, Thanks for the link. However it is not quite what I am after. In the link it states that Tasks that require authorisation can only be completed by the owner, which is the problem. What I really need to know is how do we switch off "Authorisation Required" for certain types of task. We have staff who do the same job but are not always available to complete a task so one of the others picks it up. When done, the task cannot be closed by the person who has picked it up.] Kind regards Ian
  2. Hi James, It appears within the ticket. I have attached a screenshot of what it looks like there. The issue we have is we cannot close off/resolve tickets assigned to colleagues. The Approval Required process kicks in and tells us only the person who it has been assigned to can do that. What I really need to know is: Can we switch this process on and off as required? Can we customise this function to appear on certain types of request? There are certain requests (in fact the majority) where Approval is not required such as members of the team checking reports have been run. These tickets are automatically raised when a workflow produces an automatic email at the end of a routine. Any advice greatly received. Kind regards Ian
  3. Hi all, Do you know if the "Authorisation Required" step a mandatory function in Hornbill or can it be switched off? Or even can it be switched on/off for individual types of request? Am a bit new to this so any help greatly received. Kind regards Ian
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