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  1. @Hornbill Support Team Any advise on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Can you advise if there is a way to bulk cancel a team's old activities that have been created by a Scheduled Job? ie not relating to any requests. One of our teams has well over a 100 activities showing as needing actioning, that they won't be progressing. Going forward I can cancel the Scheduled Job to stop more being created, but reluctant to have to go into each activity individually and cancel each one. Many thanks, Neil
  3. Thanks @Steven Boardman Both settings are configured as expected above. Is there anything else that we can check? Thanks again for your help.
  4. Thanks @Steven Boardman We have enabled the notifications on the Service, and the 'guest.app.requests.notification.emailTemplate.customerTimelineUpdate' is set point at the 'CustomerTimelineUpdateNotification' email template. However when an update is posted on a request within that Service, an email is not being sent. Is there anything further we need to consider in order to get this activated? Many thanks, Neil
  5. @Steven Boardman is there any update on this? Is this now possible to set email notifications when comments are added? Thanks, Neil
  6. Same here. @Nanette Any idea of timescale to getting a fix? This is causing issues with our request approvals just now. Many thanks, Neil
  7. We've actually had one of our users report this too. We are still yet to upgrade to 1863 however (currently 1845) so this may answer the question.
  8. Hi @Gerry - is there any further thoughts on going ahead with this approach? Many thanks, Neil
  9. @Victor Thanks Victor. Appreciate the quick response.
  10. Hi, We've recently turned on the 'experimental.feature.bpm.allowinstanceediting' setting, which has proved useful for troubleshooting process failures. However, we've tried to use this feature over the last few days and it no longer appears to be able to load the BPM. The above screen sits and tries to load - this happens for all BPM id's. I've even tried turning off the 'experimental.feature.bpm.allowinstanceediting' setting, and then turning it on again, and still no luck. Is there a known issue with this? Is there anything you can advise, as this is a very useful tool, and I have an outstanding issue to investigate. Many thanks, Neil
  11. @Steven Boardman Is there any update on progressing this story to include custom fields from a request into the request list Custom views? Many thanks, Neil
  12. We are also receiving the same error. Please advise @Hornbill Support Team
  13. @Ehsan are you able to advise why this happened and what the fix was please? Thanks, Neil
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