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  1. @Steven Boardman Is there any update on progressing this story to include custom fields from a request into the request list Custom views? Many thanks, Neil
  2. We are also receiving the same error. Please advise @Hornbill Support Team
  3. @Ehsan are you able to advise why this happened and what the fix was please? Thanks, Neil
  4. Appreciate the quick turnaround @Ehsan, thanks again.
  5. When users try and put Incidents on-hold, they are receiving the attached error. This is purely only on Incidents, and not Service Requests. No changes have been made to the Incident process since early December, and this issue has just been occurring today. Health Check returns no issues. Can you advise what needs to be done to investigate this further and resolve the issue? Many thanks, Neil
  6. Thanks @James Ainsworth That would be really useful. Regards, Neil
  7. Hi, I was looking to pull together a dashboard, using several widgets, however when creating a widget with a data chart/measured sample combination, the output just shows Week numbers, rather than actual w/c dates (see attached image). Is there some configuration that needs making in order to change this, or is this set in stone? Please advise. Many thanks, Neil
  8. @Hornbill Support Team Is there any news on why this stopped working? And when this could be fixed? Is the link to FontAwesome no longer active? Thanks, Neil
  9. @Steve Giller Thanks for reply. Yes already signed in (SSO) and is a Dashboard User, and the Dashboard has been shared with that user too.
  10. @Hornbill Support Team Any advice on this please? Thanks, Neil
  11. When linking to Dashboards created within Advanced Analytics, I've been using the URL on Powerpoint presentations (ie, https://admin.hornbill.com/instancename/app/com.hornbill.servicemanager/analytics/dashboards/1/ However, the URL just sends the user to https://admin.hornbill.com/instancename/ Is there a setting we need to update with Service Manager, in order to point direct to the Dashboard URL? Many thanks, Neil
  12. Any thoughts or advice on this please? Thanks, Neil
  13. Hi, I'm working on a Dashboard within Service Manager, and aside from the widgets that are driven from measures, I was wanting to add additional free text to add more substance and description to the stats. I can see the ability to add a Custom image via linking to a URL, but don't appear to be able to add any free text. Is this possible? Please advise. Many thanks, Neil
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