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  1. Hi @Martyn Houghton, I've carried out some tests as above, and that looks to be the case. Thanks for your help. @Hornbill Support Team Are you able to investigate and advise please? Thanks, Neil
  2. Thanks for the reply @Martyn Houghton. Much appreciated. I've checked the setting on our instance, and it is already set to ON, so I don't know if there's anywhere else I can check?
  3. We currently have a Service where all Catalog items are set to Portal visibility only (for all users), however I've noticed that even in the analyst view, a ticket can still be raised against the Service, using the "Raise New Incident/Request" option. Being able to do this, then enables an analyst to log a ticket against a Service, without any Catalog Item, which will cause problems (no routing etc)/. Is there a setting against the Service that will stop it showing at the analyst view, to prevent the above from happening,? Thanks, Neil
  4. @Victor Hi Victor, did you manage to review the process I sent through? Thanks, Neil
  5. Hi @Victor Yes I'm publishing the process every time we make a change. This is happening on all our service request processes, so I've taken a copy of one of them, and applied them to our test service, so we can test in isolation. The live processes have not been republished for quite some time, which is why it seems odd that it was working previously, and now it isn't. Appreciate your help.
  6. Hi @Victor The preceding task (email to customer) is functioning ok, and the Expired checkpoint is met too, so it seems to hit the Expired route (see above). Let me know if you need any further info. Thanks, Neil
  7. Hi @Victor Appreciate the quick response. Unfortunately that didn't work. The tasks expire, but the status remains at Open.
  8. Thanks Steve. I've tried testing with the following configuration. but there's still no change in status happening.
  9. Hi Steve, it was set to that previously, but had issues since the October build, so we've tried the original workaround (ignore) and then we tried Auto. Still no luck. Thanks
  10. @Victor Screenshots above, thanks. The highlight box is where the issue appears to be, as the preceding email notification is sent out ok, and the subsequent Expired checkpoint is marked too. Would appreciate any help you have. Thanks, Neil
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