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  1. Hi Steve I already have the for entity set to requests and I still cannot see the task in the drop down menu steve
  2. Hi, I am attempting to create some Auto-Tasks and have been able to create them OK, but when I try to attach the Task to a Button within a call, there is nothing in the drop down list The Auto-Task is published I am able to put in a weblink and that works OK Is there anything I need to setup, to enable these Auto-Tasks to appear Thanks Steve Intellectual Property Office 20/11/20
  3. When creating Email Templates with custom_fields, it sometimes populates and sometimes doesn't. As far as I can tell Its related to how quickly the email client (Outlook), picks up the request. If the email is sent within a few seconds, then the custom field is not populated, but if there is a delay of a few minutes, then the custom field is populated correctly. is there a way to perhaps delay the email being sent so that the custom field has tome to populate properly.
  4. I would like the option to have a variable custom field so that I can use the same Email Template several times and hence simplify the complexity of the workflow. Is this possible, if so how do I go about achieving this
  5. Hi I have an issue with Service Manager and I would like some help. I have created several Progressive Captures, that work independently and on each of these my calls are logged with a Description and a Summary, and the correct category and priority etc however, I have now created a new Progressive Capture which in fact redirects the users to existing Progressive Captures depending on the answers to the questions, however, once it calls the Switch Captures and the user completes it to log a call the Summary & Description and Category and priority fields are not populating
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