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  1. Hi - I'm trying to create a process that works from the Portal to be used by our engineers to log a specific task, which then automatically categorises, assigns team and owner, updates and resolves with no further action. I have everything working except the assignment to owner - I effectively want the owner to be the Customer (as that will be engineer name) but can't figure out how to make that happen. Any ideas would be welcome. Many thanks Kate
  2. Hi - I'm creating a self-service catalogue item with a pre-set summary (the drop-downs from a Simple List provide the summary on the call) but the FAQs associated with those topics do not appear - presumably because the summary is pre-set and not typed. Is there a way to force association somehow? Or even link to the FAQ once the selection has been made from the drop-down list? Thanks in advance for any ideas. Kate
  3. This is happening to us too - whether you have just logged a request or are trying to open ne of your older tickets there's no information!
  4. Sorry for being slow - this is working now here too.
  5. Same problem for us. Though if you hit forward, or raise a request from the email, then you can see the content at that point.
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