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  1. Hi, We are still using IMAP. I hope this question makes sense. Can you please give us the source IP address range(s) you make connections from Hornbill to our Office365 tenancy for IMAP/SMTP access for email integration. We need to further restrict mailbox access to legacy protocols and want to put an IP access restriction in for Hornbill which requires ongoing legitimate access. Cheers
  2. Long story but no, we hadn't linked to a service but have now by adding an automation node to the BPM so a service is set, and that's resolved the issue. Cheers Steven.
  3. Hi, We're new to using Service Manager Change Management. Our people with Change Management User role are unable to view change requests unless they have either raised the change or in the admin team. I'm assuming this can't be right as it means they cant see any detail of items in the change calendar or click through with a permissions error. Similarly, they can't see any of those change requests in their views. Any suggestions? Cheers.
  4. Sorted now. They had to log on to be counted in the subs. Also, Luckily I know the approvals-only people by name.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. It helps. I just need to figure out why one of my team is not getting into that list!
  6. Hi, I can't find an easy way to identify which of our people has only the Basic User Subscription for collaboration, and not the Service Manager Subscription.
  7. Hi, Just to add that I observed this too. I was troubleshooting why one or our employee portal domain pages was showing no services. I reselected the domain Service in service portfolio. Even though my selection didn't appear to be saved, it did solve the problem. So although the fields appear blank, setting them is doing something.
  8. Although I have not changed anything, I haven't seen this issue this year as yet. Maybe it is resolved somehow.
  9. We're looking to rollout employee portal to 10's of thousands of people very soon. This looks really bad, sorry, and was highlighted by our early adopting users. Recently it has become worse rather than better, as browser close/cache clearing required. Urgent resolution appreciated as it is affecting our plans.
  10. Perfect, thanks. I'll have a look at those settings. Re reproducing the error, if you access employee portal, allow your inactivity timer to expire, then at the "Disconnection Problem" message reply "no" (as you might do if you had entered a lot of info) then you will get the error if you try to navigate to a Service Domain page. If navigating to the Home page you get a slightly different message "The 'Home Page' has not been created yet". Workaround is to refresh/authenticate and all is well. Thanks for your responses Daniel. I think we understand now, and can advise our folks accordingly.
  11. The video was from my colleague, and I have see the same error from my own account and also a student account. I'm the domain owner and both of the domain views are published. I'd agree with you that inactivity looked to be related if my colleague from the video hadn't just opened his browser. Have you more details on the inactivity threshold e.g. how long and where is it configured, so I can explore further?
  12. Sorry, further feedback from my colleague. He is able to navigate service manager and get to employee portal but even then he gets the page error when he clicks on either of our service category pages e.g. the central IT page in the example. He made a short video if you want to see it! This was after entering the system freshly authenticated.
  13. Hi, Thanks for the response! It's been reported by multiple people. Since yesterday I have reproduced in Chrome, latest version, also. The scenarios I have experienced are when the browser has been left in employee portal and returned to after some time. If in service manager but not in employee portal then we get the "disconnection problem" but not the "page does not exist" error. I'd expect with some applications that you might get automatically logged out after a period of inactivity but to me this feels like authentication is expiring ungracefully! Is there disconnection/inactivity timer functionality somewhere?
  14. Has anyone else experienced this intermittent error which we have had a few times? You will be logged on to the employee portal and try to navigate either to a service category or back to company home and the error "This page does not exist" arises, attached. Logging off/on again and the problem has gone away. I've seen it in Edge, and also in tandem with "Disconnection Problem" but not found a pattern yet. With Basic or User accounts.
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