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  1. The MS update indicates (as far as I can tell) that the developer documentation is being finalised (as at May 20), but also that the switch off (if already using basic authentication) is being bumped into 2021.
  2. Hi All, Having tested integration of people people data using the SQL User Import utility as per the Hornbill wiki, we have to import about 60k records. Is there any record limit on the utility?
  3. If I want to start using a different O365 mailbox with my shared mailbox, is it as simple as changing the default email addresses and the authentication on the IMAP4 service entry? Would that work and are there any other steps?
  4. After switch-on, can I delete all requests and start from #1 again? Is that normal? We've generated an awful lot of tickets while testing workflows and am curious if we can start from #1 again at launch.
  5. Ditto, In our case we have a large number of requests we need to log periodically for a schedule of events produced externally, so would appreciate a good way of minimising manual logging. Currently we get them in a spreadsheet and manually enter.
  6. "Being able to create a request/incident directly from the app" - We too would appreciate this option otherwise we'll have to use the mobile browser. Is this in the backlog? Does this requirement have any other supporters?
  7. Thanks Martyn, that seems to work.
  8. Hi, sorry to chase but I urgently need a resolution based on the question above/below How can I use different outgoing mailboxes if there's only a single O365 logon specified in Outgoing Mail? Perhaps creating the mailboxes first messed it up, and the "automatically create" option didn't work?
  9. Oops. Thanks for removing the attachments, and prompt response Keith. I confirmed that I can log on to O365 with the accounts associated with the Shared Mailboxes. I noticed that the test error has a Hornbill from address that may explain the failure. "sendMailFrom: mailFrom: do-not-reply@live.hornbill.com sendCmdToSmtp: SmtpCmdSent: MAIL FROM:<do-not-reply@live.hornbill.com><CRLF> --sendCmdToSmtp --sendMailFrom" So I tried manually sending using the action button: Only when the send account that matches the account for configued outgoing mail in Admin does it work. It does not work with a different account specified in Admin and when using the Acion button. So there's 2 things: Should the test button work with O365? How can I use different outgoing mailboxes if there's only a single O365 logon specified in Outgoing Mail? Perhaps creating the mailboxes first messed it up, and the "automatically create" option didn't work?
  10. Hi, Just realised that our outgoing mail to O365 from Service Manager is not going, and the test button confirms it. Outgoing via Hornbill was ok but that's not what we need. The config looks ok to me. Example errors attached, extract below: Unable to login to the SMTP server HornbillMailLog VerifySmtpLogin: DllDate: Mar 18 2019 .... ........ --sendCmdToSmtp readSmtpResponse: Failed to read beginning of SSL/TLS record. b: 0 dbSize: 0 nReadNBytes: 0 idleTimeoutMs: 30000 Failed to receive more TLS application data. tlsApp: Socket operation timeout. elapsedMs: Elapsed time: 30919 millisec idleTimeoutMs: 30000 --readSmtpResponse --auth_login Failed to login using LOGIN method --smtpAuthenticate --smtpAuthenticate --smtpConnectAndAuthenticate initSmtp: Socket operation timeout. Failed. --VerifySmtpLogin --ChilkatLog
  11. Thanks! So doing this would allow basic subscribers to...what? Access Documents via the waffle, use DocManger links in Requests and in Service Bulletins, access documents linked in progressive capture? Cheers.
  12. Ok, so they are nested (if that's the right term) and you don't need both roles, just one or the other. Error attached but apologies I can't remember exactly what I did now. It may be that I removed DocManager User on the assumption that DocManager Admin would be enough as above. Can I assume the same applies to Asset Management User and Asset Management Admin i.e you don't need both, just one of them. Cheers.
  13. If my knowledge articles are in Document Manager, how can I provide the information to Basic subscribers through the Service Portal?
  14. I thought that DocManager roles were nested to the highest access so that you only needed 1 role?.. but when I took away DocManager Library and left just DocManager User, my users say they get an error editing their documents so I had to add DocManager Library back. Do users need multiple roles?
  15. Microsoft have published the following notification this week https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Exchange-Team-Blog/Improving-Security-Together/ba-p/805892 "Today, we are announcing we are also turning off Basic Authentication in Exchange Online for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), POP, IMAP and Remote PowerShell at the same time – October 13, 2020" As things stand at the moment this would prevent the Hornbill Service Manager system polling office 365 for email. Have Hornbill any plans to deal with this?
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