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  1. Thanks @James Ainsworth, i have done a few tests and that appears to be working. I see there is a character limit tho. At first i was looking at From = 21 To = 6 and i was not getting the results back. After i changed it to From = 0 and To = 6 and it was pulling the information i needed in. Do you know if there is a way to Prefix the outcome? i will need to add "EMP"to the obtained variable. Thank you for your help
  2. Hi @Victor, Did you manage to find a way to do it? If not, is it possible to add this as an enhancement? i would be very useful to have a suspend option that will move on once to the end date / time has past, this can then be automatically moved into a Review / Verify status. thanks, Sean
  3. Hi, is there a way to create a variable to be injected into a custom field / BPM from the contents of an email. Example - our HR system sends an email to HB for a starter / Leaver. The customer in HB is then the HR system. I want to be able to take the name or Employee number from the email body and automatically change the customer to that new starter / leaver. Thanks, Sean
  4. Hi @Victor, Thank you for this. I have taken a look but i don't think the status of the request will change after the scheduled end date has passed. I can see i can suspend the request to get the user to enter the Scheduled start and end but what i am looking for is the request to stop and wait till after the end date has passed then move to the next step. I hope that makes sense. thanks, Sean
  5. Hi, is there a way to suspend / expire a change request a certain time frame after the end date? the aim is for Standard changed to automatically resolve 24 hours after the end date of that request as successful unless the user has entered that request and set a different status. thanks, Sean
  6. Hi, I have been looking to add the "Reason" entered into a human task to an email template after the task has been completed. I see there is an enhancement to have the Human task outcome linked to a custom field but is there a way to get this without the custom field? Thanks, Sean
  7. @Steven Boardman perfect, thanks Steve. When i saw these i thought they were the same as the "Request" Requests
  8. Hi @Steven Boardman, I managed to remove the error. I added the template to the Change request an it now pulls in the start time and End time. It has stopped pulling in the summary and description, i assume these are Service request variables? Is there a way to pull them in, i have had a look at the entity viewer on changerequest and i don't see a summary. there is h_disruption_level (Disruption Level) but that doesn't sound like the same thing. thanks, Sean
  9. thanks @Steven Boardman, I seem to be getting an error message now. Would this fail if trying to send to an external email address?
  10. i have tried adding the below but no luck Start: {{.h_start_time}} Finish:{{.H_end_time}}
  11. Is there a way to display the Scheduled start and Scheduled Finished Date / time for a changeon an email template? Currently looking through the variables i can't see anything suitable to insert. Thanks, Sean
  12. @Deen Do you have a link to the enhancement section, i have looked but with no luck. thanks, Sean
  13. Thanks @Deen. I will get this added to the Enhancements then.
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