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  1. With thanks to @Martyn Houghton and @Ehsan for your assistance. Sorry for the lateness of my reply - I was hoping I would have been prompted you had done, but looking (out of curiosity) I see I've missed your kind replies. I can confirm nothing is set up in the Admin Tool (https://admin.hornbill.com/[YOUR INSTANCE]/ - "Service Manager" Tile > "Configuration" Tile > "Request Sub-statuses" Tile) as it's all empty. I've actually set it up like this: Does that look correct? Incidentally, the issue seems to have gone away recently - again despite making no changes. Maybe it was in the 'back-end'? Many thanks Mark
  2. Despite always having had this set and working, recently there appears to be an intermittent issue where it sometimes will or won't update it. I think this started happening 1-2 weeks ago. Do I need to make any changes in the console to correct this? Man thanks in advance. Mark
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