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  1. Hi 1 Is there any way of customising the contract view? We have added a field on our contracts - the date required to give notice of termination and wondered if we could add that to the contract view. 2 On the contracts you can add a contract to your watch list - is there anyway I can view all my contracts on my watchlist - in one list? 3 When you archive a contract it doesn't seem to put archive in the status field. It only displays active. Also would it be possible then to filter on the contract view by active and archived contracts? Can you hide and unhide archived con
  2. Hi How do we link contracts in Supplier Manager to Assets? Thanks Louise
  3. Hi Once I've added a document to a contract I don't seem able to go back and delete. I have on occasion added an attachment twice and then wanted to go back and deleted one of them. Kind regards Louise
  4. Hi Alex I can do this now. However when I archive a supplier it doesn't say Archive in the status its just blank. Can I filter status so that I can just see Active contracts? Thank you . Louise
  5. I was creating a new supplier and copying and pasting information from the address etc from the company's website. I can see the supplier from the grid view of suppliers and I can see the name and even the website address I put in etc. I have attached a 'screenshot' of what I can see when I click on the supplier. All the fields are empty and I cant edit any of them. screenshot.docx
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