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  1. Hi Steven, Thank you, that now works perfectly. Regards, Alan.
  2. Hi Steven, I have given myself the Service Manager In-App Reporting role but I do not get the below. I also do not have the tiles you have under reports. Thanks, Alan.
  3. I have been asked by my Service Managers whether there is a way in their reporting to identify which if any of their incidents are linked to problem records? Thanks, Alan.
  4. Hi James, I've found a setting to disable checking for duplicate emails within Collaboration which seems to have allowed me to configure multiple users with the same email address. Thanks, Alan.
  5. Hi James, Thank you for your prompt response. I have just tried changing the login id as suggested and have attempted to change the email addresses of these contacts with the shared email and I get the following error. "Error - Sorry but this email IM&TInsignia@ouh.nhs.uk is already in use. This would be my preferred approach if we could get this working. Thanks again, Alan.
  6. Hi, We are new to Hornbill Service Manager and have made great progress migrating our customers over from our legacy system. I have now encountered an issue with one customer who have been using a shared mailbox for all of their portal users. So individual logins but all sharing the same email address. They want to retain this feature so is there any way we could get all email updates sent from Hornbill to copy in a shared mailbox?
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