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  1. Hi @AlexTumber we have been updated to build 158 of Timesheet manager and the issue still exists. One of the fixes states "Issue with week view grid not displaying correctly for certain timezones". I tested yesterday after 5pm PST. Please let me know if you'd like screenshots or more examples. Thank you!
  2. Hello @AlexTumber We are on build 152 of Timesheet Manager. When should we expect an update?
  3. @Steve Giller Looks like it's working for me today!
  4. @Nikolaj @Steve Giller I am on iOS 13.6.1 and Hornbill app version 2.5.4 Build 2033 and I am receiving the 404 page not found error
  5. On Tuesday 11/10 we noticed the requests tab is suddenly missing from the mobile app. Our Maintenance team relies heavily on the app as we're a medical practice who are supporting COVID parking lot testing. Due to icy weather our teams have been receiving more tickets to plow/shovel/de-ice the parking lots. This maintenance team is completely mobile and do not have access to laptops or the desktop version. If we can identify when this will be available again this will greatly help our practice. Thank you!
  6. Does anyone have a report to identify which Progressive Captures are used and what catalogs they are tied to? I'm looking to complete a cleanup and simply turning them "off" is risky. Thank you!
  7. Feedback on the feature from our staff: It would be ideal if this setting: webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.list.unreadColour in service manager could be controlled at the user level. Using the melon color now is difficult visually for those using Dark Mode. Within the tickets the right panel/information box is too bright The response options are too dark
  8. The webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.list.unreadColour setting is a global setting in Service Manager. It would be ideal for our visually impaired staff to have this setting at the user level. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate over 160 different user requests for the background color and have a difficult time finding a color that suits everyone's needs.
  9. @AlexTumber @James Ainsworth any update on this? Should I open a ticket with Bittercreek?
  10. We have a need to select multiple sites in progressive captures (specifically for Change tickets). Upon testing we've found some limitations: Option 1: use the 'get site' node in the progressive capture. This only allows us to select ONE site and because we have the 'use customer site' setting turned on the site in the details will change to the site tied to the customer of the request. This setting, for all other needs, must stay ON. Option 2: use a custom form (currently using) in the progressive capture doing a data query checkbox where all sites launch based on the 'sites' table in Hornbill. Only one can be inserted into the details and only one will be listed on the email template - however all affected sites are still visible in the Questions section of the ticket. Option 3: use the custom form (currently using) in the progressive capture creating custom checkboxes. The downside to this not doing a data query is that we have another progressive capture to manage - and at the rate we're growing and opening new sites this isn't realistic. Only one site will be inserted in the details of the ticket and in the email template (which will default to the USERS site with the above setting). However, all affected sites are still visible in the Questions section of the ticket. Is there a way we can have the details include more than one site?
  11. @James Ainsworth We're excited for this functionality! However, we have noticed a few flaws. Upon testing here are my results: When navigating to requests and selecting the + option nothing happens. We had to select this several times before the Progressive Capture loads. After selecting 'Incident' the first prompt is to select a customer. This looks as if it's a drop down field (which we don't use in most progressive captures). When selecting the drop down nothing happens. I've attempted several times. Closed the app, reopened, same results. I've cleared the cache on the app. I'm on Server Build 3337(2020-06-12) and Client Version 2.4.20 (Build: 1964)
  12. We are on build 152. When looking at the Team view of timesheet manager we have the new graphs available. Upon configuring the chart settings I've updated the trendlines. I've added two new trendlines and selected 'update'. The lines appear appropriately - but as soon as I navigate away from the page they disappear and my configuration settings are gone. I have two teams under my teams and this happens on both. I've cleared the chrome cache and am on version 83.
  13. Hello @AlexTumber We're on build 152 and I'm still seeing issues. This must be related to the time difference. 5:00pm PST = 12:00am GMT. When I log time after 5:00pm it appears on the timesheet correctly in the Day View. In the week view it's appearing as the following day. See below examples All areas highlighted in green are correct. Areas highlighted in red are not When editing the timesheet value it's correct
  14. Hello @Daniel Dekel thank you for the info! Regarding the build - are you referring to Service Manager? We're on build 1967. Under Home / App Store I don't see an app for the Employee Portal. Can you expand?
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