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  1. That's right Alex. You'd have a bunch of standard milestones which could be updated by a PM once the project is created.
  2. @AlexTumber Similar to the Issues form; we can't add or amend fields in the Risk form: Adjust ‘Status’ to Open or Closed Add ‘Risk Category’ drop down field: Assumptions & Constraints, Regulation or Market Factors, Funding, Project Management, Project Size/Complexity, Requirements, Scope or Planning, Stakeholders, Technology, Vendors & Suppliers Add ‘Affected Tolerances’ drop down field: Time, Cost, Quality, Benefits Add ‘Info Security Risk’ tick box field Add ‘Risk Impact’ free text field Add ‘Risk Action’ drop down list: Transfer, Avoid, Reduce, Accept, Share, Exploit, Enhance, Reject Add ‘Planned Controls’ free text field Add ‘Implemented Controls’ free text field Add ‘Owner’ as a person lookup Add ‘Review Date’ as a date field Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. @AlexTumber Dan has tried to add additional fields to the Issue form without any joy - could you confirm if it's possible to add custom fields to the Issue form please?
  4. @AlexTumber Is there a way of creating milestones in project templates and not having to enter a timeline? Ideally we'd like a set of ~10 milestones within the template which the Project Manager could update with dates when creating a new project. Currently you need to specify a number of days after milestone creation for when the milestone is due...
  5. Hi, When a project task is marked as complete, regardless of the % complete, it becomes locked/read only. This causes issues if the task needs to be re-opened. Please could this be investigated?
  6. Hi, We've noticed an error when trying to generate the task gantt chart view. I believe this is already under investigation. Thanks
  7. Hi, We've noticed when a record is created in the financials/costs section of Project Manager it creates an estimated cost. When that same record is updated with an actual number it overwrites the original estimate. Please could this be looked into?
  8. Hi, Is it possible to create dependencies between milestones? I.e. milestone 1 cannot be completed until milestone 2 is completed? It would be useful when a milestone is missed and the second milestone date would automatically move out based upon the delay to the preceding milestone.
  9. Hi, We've noticed an issue with Chrome whereby the main project dashboard doesn't refresh when moving around through the other project screens. Please could this be looked into?
  10. Hi, Could the Budget number under the Project Details tab auto calculate the approved project budget by summing the entries under the budget section of Project Manager?
  11. Hi, Is it possible to change the existing colour gradient on the project progress guage as it could be considered confusing alongside the RAG tolerance indicator? Perhaps light blue to dark blue? Thanks
  12. Hi, Is it possible to have a warning dialogue box when a user clicks 'Continue Business Process'? With no functionality to go back in the BPM we need to make sure users don't accidentally click the 'Continue Business Process' button.
  13. Yeah I noticed this too @Nikolaj Any idea what's happened with the Business Process section @AlexTumber?
  14. Hi Nikolaj, The overall % complete and RAG tolerance are set on the project details tab. Thanks, Tom
  15. Perfect thanks @AlexTumber @Dan Munns has now changed this and it's working fine
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