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  1. @Nikolaj Sounds good to me, would be useful.
  2. Hi Hornbill, Can we add the overall RAG status of the project to the My Projects list please? Would be good to see what shape the overall portfolio is in! Thanks, Tom
  3. Hi @AlexTumber The projects were cancelled and then deleted. I think we have the same problem with tasks which remain associated with deleted projects (I believe @Dan Munns has put this in a separate thread). Thanks, Tom
  4. Hi, I've got a number of project tags which I'd like to delete as they were for testing, however, when I click the bin icon I get an error message that it is associated with at least one other project. Those projects are now deleted so I'm unable to remove the link... Any ideas?
  5. Hi, When creating a Scope Change record in Project Manager the Approval Status and Approval Date becomes locked after saving the record. This can't then be edited which means, for example, records can't be updated from 'Pending Approval'.
  6. Hi @AlexTumber I'm getting an error when trying to upload attachments to projects (see attached for error messages). Dan has been able to upload attachments and has checked all my settings, unsure as to why it isn't working. Can you have a look please? Thanks, Tom
  7. Hi, I've just started using Board Manager within Project Manager. When adding a Project to a Board I'd like to see more information about the project, it currently just displays the name of the project. Is it possible to add additional information from the project; - Project Manager - Sponsor - RAG Status - Current position in the BPM Thanks, Tom
  8. Useful functionality, thanks @AlexTumber & @Nikolaj
  9. That's right Alex. You'd have a bunch of standard milestones which could be updated by a PM once the project is created.
  10. @AlexTumber Similar to the Issues form; we can't add or amend fields in the Risk form: Adjust ‘Status’ to Open or Closed Add ‘Risk Category’ drop down field: Assumptions & Constraints, Regulation or Market Factors, Funding, Project Management, Project Size/Complexity, Requirements, Scope or Planning, Stakeholders, Technology, Vendors & Suppliers Add ‘Affected Tolerances’ drop down field: Time, Cost, Quality, Benefits Add ‘Info Security Risk’ tick box field Add ‘Risk Impact’ free text field Add ‘Risk Action’ drop down list: Transfer, Avoid, Reduce, Accept, Share, Exploit, Enhance, Reject Add ‘Planned Controls’ free text field Add ‘Implemented Controls’ free text field Add ‘Owner’ as a person lookup Add ‘Review Date’ as a date field Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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