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  1. Hi Alex, Just noticed I get this error when removing members on a programme. Error occurs regardless of role. No issues when adding people as members. Could you investigate please?
  2. Hi Alex, Please could the additional custom fields now available in the RAID forms be available to add in the view preferences? Thanks
  3. Hi Alex, As discussed, would it be possible to have a designated area in Project Manager to log decisions made during the lifecycle of a project? This could also be expanded/include approvals of documents etc. Give me a shout if you'd like me to prepare some more detailed requirements. Cheers, Tom
  4. Hi, The feature to delete cancelled projects within the Admin tool is really useful, could we have something similar for Programmes too please? Thanks Tom
  5. Hi @TrevorHarris - my colleague has sorted it for me so I can now see this option, thanks
  6. Hi @TrevorHarris Thanks for your reply, unfortunately, I'm missing your Board option on my view of the Service Request, I can only see this menu below: Assume I need to activate something to see the Board Action in your example above? Thanks, Tom
  7. Thanks for letting me know Trevor.
  8. Hi, We have a Board within Service Manager which contains 8 lanes with Service Requests in each lane. We'd like to have a view in Service Manager which shows the current lane the Service Request resides in. Does the information about which lane the Service Request is in get recorded anywhere that could be displayed on a view within Service Manager? Thanks, Tom
  9. @Ann @Nikolaj Thanks both, interested to see how other organisations prioritise projects.
  10. Slightly off topic from Hornbill Project Manager but project priority is an interesting concept - especially with the Low, Medium, High gauge. @Ann @Nikolaj How do you determine priority of a project? By cost vs. benefit?
  11. I don't think it's currently possible but it is a feature I've mentioned previously that would be useful.
  12. Hi, Not sure if this has been asked previously but is there a way of creating a template Board with defined columns etc. which could then be added to new projects within Project Manager? We're starting to use Boards more for Agile Sprints and it would be great if you could just create a Board from a template rather than re-creating the same Board multiple times. Appreciate you can copy items already on a Board which is great. Thanks, Tom
  13. Hi Alex and co. I realise I posted about this a while ago (Jan 2019) and had planned to use the Update panel to record lessons learnt as the project progresses. However, internally within our Team, we've been debating about how to better record and use lessons from previous projects to inform future projects. Without the ability to search the Updates on multiple projects it makes the idea of recording lessons in that way a little redundant. Would it be possible to have something like the RAID section for recording lessons? Something like a database that could be searchable based on tags? This has become more relevant in recent months as Agile deliveries become the norm hence the need to continually learn and change for future sprints. Perhaps we can discuss later?
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