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  1. Hi Deen, Thought I'd check other reports that I thought were affected and it appears to be just the 2 main ones that I created that fail. I have saved the reports as a new name and now they appear to work. Not sure what the problem was but now I can run the reports I need with no issues. Thanks Mark
  2. Hi Deen, Yes, all reports work fine and all are affected. They run but will not download. This process stopped working last week, until then it was perfect everytime. Thanks Mark
  3. Every week (usually on a Monday) I run a report on the precious weeks activity and download the CSV option to create bespoke reports for my organisation. Since last Monday (10th February) the option to download appears not to work. I have tried this in different browsers and confirmed with my Infrastructure / Network team that no internal changes have taken place to stop the downloads. After inspecting the link (hovering over the file I wish to download) I have noticed that the name of the file is missing (https://admin.hornbill.com/fairhomegroupplc/#) Any ideas?
  4. Yes, the same with our instance here. Hornbill status showing everything is working though
  5. Exactly the same for me. Very slow and unresponsive at times.
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