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  1. Hi @James Ainsworth apologies but how do I even add that column? I can't see any options to show this. Sorry if I'm just being blind Thanks Regards, Andy Hodkisnon
  2. Hi James, Thanks for the reply. A key features that our IT analysts have asked for would be able to update an activity like you would a timeline of a SR or IN. At the moment you only have the option to add comments when closing the activity. It'd also be very handy if there was an option to spawn a new request from an activity, and I know this is available from BPM activities, but not the scheduled jobs. Also, can you advise on how it's possible to add a reference number please as I can't see this any where on our currently open activities. Thanks Regards, Andy Hodkinson
  3. Hi, are there any plans to update the scheduled jobs feature or allow for actually service requests to be scheduled like you can in Supportworks? He are often audited on certain tasks that our IT teams need to complete on a daily monthly or yearly basis, and the current version of Scheduled Jobs that creates simple activities just isn't fit for purpose. In the Supportworks there was a very good feature of being able to create a new incident or service request, and then save it as a scheduled job. Doing this gave the analyst an actual request with a reference number and a way to update the timeline with comments or attachments etc. This also made it very easy to quickly search for details within the request, which is not easy with activities in Service Manager. I'm very surprised you took this feature away when developing service manager as it was simple and effective. You've recently added new features to the BPM activities, and is there any reason why the scheduled job activities wasn't developed either? If the above isn't possible, would it be possible to add more features to the activities templates feature that allow you to edit the outcomes to be able to raise a new request? If you could then specify what details were in that new request it would make life a lot easier. Please can you advise if there is any planned work for this as I'm sure other companies would benefit from the updates to scheduled jobs and activities. Thank you Regards, Andy Hodkinson
  4. Hi @Victor/ @Aaron Summers, thanks for that, I didn't even think about the users details
  5. Hi, we've noticed it's quite messy trying to find out which assets belong to a user, as the infromation isn't shown in the co-workers details screen. If I search against the name smith and pick a user who I know has a laptop, their isn't an Assets tab like when I look at my own profile. If I search the Assets option against "smith" I can't easily see who the assets belong to with going deeper into the options. Is there a way to show the users assets in their details sceen, or show the user name next to the device in the assets screen? I hope that makes sense Regards, Andy Hodkinson
  6. Hi @James Ainsworth, is there any update on this please? Thanks Regards, Andy Hodkinson
  7. @James Ainsworth Hi James, our service desk complete daily checks that could result in further actions being needed from other IT teams. To capture this though and meet internal controls the SD must raise a new incident. The details in the call are always the same so being able to raise a quick call with all the details already completed makes life a lot easier for them. I don't really want to have to create new CI's, PC's and BPM's just to raise a simple call, especially when there could be at least 20 differnent options. The quick calls were a great little feature of the old supportworks system so I'm surprised you would not keep this in service manager when it probably just needs a little more tweaking to get it right? Thanks Regards, Andy Hodkinson
  8. How do I force the status of requests from resolved to closed on mass? Due to the way the BPM were initally created at go live, we have a lot of calls stuck in a resolved status and will never move to a closed status. We want to force this change on mass so we can get accurate reports on closed calls. Thanks Regards, Andy Hodkinson
  9. Hi, when creating a new incident using a quick call, service manager skips the s CI selection stage. This means that if the analyst doesn't go back a step and select the CI, the request doesn't use the correct BPM and they get an error message. Can this be looked into please as it means the quick calls aren't actually quick. Thanks Regards, Andy Hodkinson
  10. I know there is the scheduled jobs feature in service manager, but this doesn't give the same functionality in an activity as you get in a request. In Supportworks it was possible to raise a new incident or service request, fill in the details and then save it as a scheduled calls. This allowed the analysts easily add attachments, updates, send emails etc. This isn't easily possible, or not at all, with scheduled activities in Service manager. Are there any plans to expand on this feature in Service Manager? Thanks Regards, Andy Hodkinson
  11. Azure single sign on has started prompting for user credentials even after the option to remember the details was selected last time. We are not using AD FS. Can someone advise please? This isn't a high priority but just a bit pain for the customers and IT staff wanting to use service manager. Thanks Regards, Andy Hodkinson
  12. Was this was ever investigated further? It is still a problem as when you edit the details of a scheduled job, it breaks it, and it doesn't run again. We have around 30+ scheduled jobs and if we want to edit one, we have to basically recreate it, but when creating new scheduled jobs, I can't go back in and edit it later as the option isn't available. Originally I could do this (even though it would break it anyway, as stated above). Thanks @Victor
  13. I need to create a admin role that only has access to manage the users. This is to allow or EA's to manage the availability of the IT analyst with Service Manager, but without access any other areas of the admin.hornbill.com system. I have tried copying the standard admin role and removing the permissions except for those relating ti managing users, but the account I'm testing with still has the permissions to edit email templates and make changes to BPM's etc. i have also removed the database settings that relate to BPM etc but I don't want to mess with these too much as I don't know what some of them apply to. Can someone advise please? are there any plans to add the ability to manage a users availability from with Service Manager? Thanks Regards Andy Hodkinson
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