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  1. Hi Keith, Yes, I confirm the emails are now coming in. Thank you for your quick response. S x
  2. Since yesterday any email sent to our hornbill mailbox are not received. Emails are however working outbound. I have checked no changes have been made to my mailbox settings. Could I get some assistance with this please?
  3. Good Morning, Our instance of HB is not working for any of our analysts this morning. I updated service manager as at first we could not login but now we can login but cannot access our requests. In admin I am also unable to load any page. Sarah.
  4. I didn't think I did. I did reset his password. Weird but I guess we can put this down to user error :-) x
  5. I found the issue. My colleagues account had my username in their email field. I am now able to login to all sites (service, admin and live) Thank you for your fast response. S x
  6. Actually I lie, now when I login as me (SArrindell) it logs into my colleagues account
  7. My username is SArrindell and I had changed my password to see if that was the issue but it didn't work. Maybe it wasn't saving my new password. I have just reset it again and now it is working!!! Did you do anything? I was getting a mismatch earlier. It kept saying I was suspended when I wasn't.
  8. I was logged in this morning and all of a sudden I was logged out. I receive a message that my account is suspended but when I login as Admin it is indeed active.
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