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  1. All seems to be working fine now! Thank you for all your help
  2. Tried it again and still doesn't seem to work unfortunately. Test request SR00042090 Time 10.32am Template RegradeFirstPointV2
  3. Thank you, Tried this new ESP condition. This one also is able to pull through the new position, but when new position is left blank on the procap it does not pull through the current position instead, its just left blank Test request = SR00041939 time 14:55
  4. Hi, The email template used was actually RegradeFirstPointV2 which I believe the 'AND' and 'OR' are the correct way around. The source also seems to match what you have given above. I have logged another request under the reference SR00041850 and the email was sent today at 12pm.
  5. I've just run another test the request reference is SR00041297 and the email was sent at 10:16am today. In this request I left the 'new position' field blank in the procap and expected the 'current position' to pull into the email.
  6. Hi, I have tried this and it doesn't seem to have worked. I have provided screen caps below for context, H_custom_d is the current job title and H_custom_m is the new job title. I would like the email to always pull in the current job title unless a new job title is provided, in which case, that should be pulled through instead When I tested your ESP conditions above, it was able to pull in the current job title, but failed to pull in the new job title when it was provided. When I inspected the source, this is the line of code that appeared <esp-condition contenteditable="false" expression="'{{.H_custom_m}}' != '' AND '{{.H_custom_m}}' != 'NULL'">{{.H_custom_m}}</esp-condition><esp-condition contenteditable="false" expression="'{{.H_custom_m}}' = '' OR '{{.H_custom_m}}' = 'NULL'">{{.H_custom_d}}</esp-condition> this seems to match exactly to yours, Please could you advise.
  7. I am searching for an ESP condition to pull through a custom field under the given scenario: In the progressive capture, I have given the customer an option to add a 'current job title' as well as a 'new job title' if applicable. I would like to pull through the new job title into an automated email, BUT if this is left blank, I would require an ESP condition to instead pull through the current job title. Is there an expression that would allow for this?
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