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  1. Tad late to the party here but yes please to getting on the early adopters list
  2. We have a requirement to have multiple attachment progressive capture forms in the same flow so would be very keen to see this implemented.
  3. Need some help, advice, direction etc... We quite often get submisions from our clients where there is inadaquate details provided to us in the ticket that they have rasied, analysts will request further details from the client via the ticket / email from Service manager and the ticket will be placed on hold with a sub-statu of awaiting customer. What I would like the flow to do is automagically follow up with the client over the period of 10 days prompting them with subtlely worded emails to respond or the ticket will automatically cancel out. The flow looks like this: It starts with a wait for a status change, and a descision that if the status has changed to Pending - Customer (if its resolved then this flows across to the resolution section) the flow waits for 5 days and if no response is received then a chaser email is sent to the client. This repeats and if no response is received in 3 days a 2nd chase is sent, if 2 days after that chase is sent no reply has been received from the customer then the ticket cancels out and the workflow ends. If at any point the customer replies then the workflow sets the ticket status back to open. I've hit a couple of issues with this that are probably down to me being a muppet. My Wait for doesn't see to expire When I do receive a reply despite havign my sub status set to Auto Update it doesn't change the status back to open. It's been a long week so I could very well have gone down a very wrong rabbit hole. Help! Ideas! Suggestions! Anything
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