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  1. As Derek says it does not appear to be affecting all users but a number of different users each week are being directed the Corby Federation page and prompted to input their domain/id credentials rather than being taking through the single sign on. I also note that we are having to manually add new users and Hornbill is no longer picking up user ID changes from AD. I have tried to enable 'auto provisioning' but get the attached error message Hornbill error .pdf
  2. Does Hornbill offer any software that can detect assets without having to manually upload them?
  3. Whilst our analysts are able to raise new service, change and known error tickets, we cannot raise new incidents from the service desk manager. The following error message appears: "Progressive capture 'CBC Incident Process' load error! No capture id found for CBC Incident Process" As I wasn't in post when Hornbill was configured, I am unsure how to set this up - any advice would be much appreciated!
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