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  1. Hello All, We currently have a number of processes utilizing the automation for authorization, with the data query in the procap set to co-workers alone, and then using the raw value for the authorization node to send an email to the selected person. This in theory would work well as our cost center managers would all have a collaboration license for this purpose. Although there is the ability to use external authorization with an email input, this extra level of protection was deemed more suitable. However, in practice, it appears that the data query in the procap even
  2. Thank you @Steven Boardman Look forward to the update!
  3. Hello All, we are currently utilizing the time sheet application and the wiki shows information that appears to possibly not fully be relevant any longer / or ahead of its time. This is in relation to categories. We can only view one role which is TimesheetManager User. This role gives not only the use of time sheets, but also all the other relevent features of admin like creating/deleting etc.. Unfortunatley for staff to use time sheets they also require this role, which creates the fear of unwarranted edits/additions and a lack of protection for other members if view
  4. Thank you Steven missed that one
  5. Hello Team, When creating a view and adding custom fields to create custom collums, this only goes up to custom field O. Are there any plans to or a way to add P,Q,R,S,&T to this, as we want to utilise this as an exportable criteria from views. Thank you, Foley
  6. Hello All, we are experiencing the same issue at our organisation. Reading the above thread, the work around of saving an attachment and uploading it to the email works, but we cannot use the associated file as this does not send an email out, instead just making a post. The ones affected were raised after the date above, in February. Is there any update to this issue? Kind regards,
  7. Hello Gareth, we are experiencing the same problem. It follows the routing rule, but bypasses the routing rule template aside from the designated team. For us this is raising an incident call with no workflow as default rather than the service request call that the routing rule template points to in the service portfolio. I am unsure as to why this has occurred, as this has been working as intended up until a day or two ago.
  8. Oh no, oversight on my behalf, looking for a way to remove the attachement now. Thank you for the information, does this mean if i were to use HTML font coding rather than wiki mark-up within the autorisation node information, this would apply in the email? I am not overly familliar with the concept so doing some research as we speak also. Kind regards, Foley
  9. Thank you @Martyn Houghton & @James Ainsworth This is extremely helpful. I think we will have to release more information regarding the statuses and assess through management observation of the dashboards, i.e. equal allocation of work. I will speak with out Lead on Hornbill here, in regards to possibly reducing the idle time, but you are right it may cause more hassle for users than benefit. Foley
  10. Hello Team, I want to inquire on the specification on how the system treats automatic allocation when offline users are disqualified. I currently have the setting for the round robin allocations to not include offline users. However i am getting reports of users being assigned requests days after they have logged off the system i.e. during the weekend, or on off days. Is this affected by single sign on status? as in if they log off the laptop does that still leave them logged into hornbill but inactive. due to potential manipulation of work allocation, we are avoiding releasi
  11. Hello Team, I am wondering how to get the emails produced by the authorization node to replicate the font changes as placed when setting it up. It appears to work from the analysts side, however not on the email produced. Please see attached email for further explanation of the issue. Kind regards, Foley Approvals.msg
  12. Thank you for your help, all good and working as expected. regards, Foley
  13. Thank you @Steve Giller, when the service has been placed as retired will the active requests still be able to be actionable by analysts? as it states this will be hidden from support and subscribers of the service
  14. Hello, I have been in the process of launching a new service which is the amalgamation of 3 previous HR services and an update to the catalog items. The calls already logged in the previous HR service are still live, so i have retained the subscribers to the services, but disabled the service requests catalog and the service visibility. This had the unfortunate consequence of not allowing the customers of the previous service areas requests to view the customer side to the request. Is there a way to disable the service visibility but retain the ability for customers to
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