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  1. Currently on the Request List you can customise/configure your columns, is it possible to add a column for ‘Assets’ at all? This would really help us establish which asset is with a particular job request as we currently use the asset function as ‘contractors’ within Facilities. This would also really benefit us as we could potentially create different ‘views’ via a particular asset.
  2. Thank you for the demo @Steven Boardman I have one quick question regarding the ability to view team requests. Could this function this be restricted by individual service domain at all? for example it would be useful for a team to be aware of facilities faults/requests logs but perhaps not appropriate to view HR ones as they may be in relation to a request regarding personal information.
  3. Hi Gemma, That sounds like something we could really use and it will allow us to have an audit and governance of our use of the system in one place (& more importantly within the system itself) At the moment we have to t refer to our folders within the network to access spreadsheets etc outlining audits of changes made to the system, whereas this will allow us to have it within Hornbill.
  4. Working within a multi-team structure the ability to have different teams using the live chat function at the same time would be a big benefit. Any development in this area would be highly encouraged by us.
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