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  1. Hi all, Is there a way to export a list of tickets containing both the Summary (which I know you can select) a long with the Details section into a CSV? I'd like to pull off a report of last months tickets but only showcasing the Summary (Title) and the Details section. I've pulled off reports in the past but I've noticed 'Details' isn't an available field . . Thanks a lot, Dan
  2. Afternoon all, Just a quick one, we've noticed when creating new linked requests to go to another department/team that the attachments do not follow through and apply to the new ticket. The issue has arisen from a user who does not have permission to view the original ticket (intended that way as it's not his team) and therefore is unable to view the attachments. Is this the norm? Cheers all, Dan
  3. Morning all, Since upgrading to Build 2927 we have noticed some odd readings on our dashboards and measures for last month? Any reason as to why this might be? Thanks, Dan
  4. Good afternoon, Any ideas as to why I cannot assign myself Incident Requests going off the error below? These are my Security Settings: Doesn't seem to be affecting other Analysts. Thanks, Dan
  5. Thank you @Steven Boardman and @Dan Munns for your advice and help. The detail you have both gone into is first class - thank you! It's much appreciated. This is all quite new to me so it's a little confusing on the first read but I'm going to spend some time today exploring the options you've suggested and decide what works best for us. I'll no doubt be in touch if I have any further queries! Cheers again. Dan
  6. Hi Steven, So here's a copy of my progressive capture overview: The 'Department' Field Type is a 'Dynamic Drop Down Select Box' using a list I created with all our main departments: As you can see, I have then included 'Conditional Fields - Departments' next in the Progressive Capture and followed your example which works perfectly when creating a ticket as a customer. However, I have a couple of questions: 1. Is there a way to remove the 'not answered' questions below as these appear in the ticket: 2. I can't see the sub department name on the form summary as part of the ticket as an Analyst or Customer: I appreciate these are probably quite straight forward tweaks to make but this is all pretty new to me! Hope you can help. Thanks again, Dan
  7. This is brilliant thank you Steven. I'm going to give it a go now. Thanks again Dan
  8. I'd like to create a drop down list field as part of one of our progressive captures. It's a department list. I've created multiple drop down lists before but is there a way to create a drop down list with titles? For example: BRANDS AND COMMUNICATIONS - Brand - Digital CORPORATE SERVICES - IT - HR etc etc. It's perhaps really simple and I'm just unaware. Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers! Department Team.txt
  9. Me too. 'Could not initialise core data'
  10. No problem. Attempted yesterday afternoon but have since removed the assets due to a few mismatches from our side of things. We noticed the user field did not import at all despite being on the CSV. The users full display name is what should have imported. Made us wonder if we needed to use their logon username instead.
  11. Hi again Victor! From a CSV in the 'Upload New Assets' section. Thanks, Dan
  12. That's great - thanks for the explanation! All sorted Cheers, Dan
  13. Hi Victor, Thank you. We were under the impression our full users needed this role in order to raise their own tickets as a user on our self service portal. This doesn't appear to be the case! Thanks again. Dan
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