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  1. The Hornbill Status Page is showing However admin and service portals are also not operational
  2. Can a user definable date captured through a progressive capture be used as the trigger for a resolution SLA? As part of a leaver process, our HR department will inform us of forthcoming departures and their departure dates. We would like the departure date to be day which triggers the start of a 14 day SLA to process the leaver and close out all of the leaver tasks. At present we have 2 choices - the SLA starts when the request is logged and put on hold until the employee departure date/time. Or we don't use an SLA and we manually check to see upcoming departure dates which is time-consuming
  3. Hi First post of our new Hornbill era. So still learning! Trying to generate a graph for teams to show SLA's within fix, SLA's breached and ongoing tasks that are within the SLA but not yet resolved. I'm using the h_withinfix=0 and h_withinfix=1 parameters - however I cannot find a suitable 3rd measure which shows the number of "active jobs" that are still within the parameters of the SLA. Samples I've seen show the h_withinfix='' filter but this seems to duplicate the filter for h_withinfix=0. Any ideas?
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