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  1. @Ehsan we are also still experiencing the same issue.
  2. Hi Dave, Thanks for the correspondence. We do not use substatus' at this level. We will update and see if the issue still persists. cheers, Charlie
  3. Hi, For some reason, recently there have been a few occurrences where when we put a ticket on hold, the default visibility goes to owner. I can confirm we have the default set to team in administration: But for some users it defaults to owner. Please help! kind regards, Charlie
  4. @Keith Stevenson this is not resolved for us.
  5. +1 on this. Seems to be intermittent. Nope still gateway 500 issue.
  6. Great thanks James, we are already using it and it is speeding up our processes already. What would be good is if a snippet can be binded to a resolution category, for example, when you click the snippet, it automatically assigns the resolution category as well as the resolution. Thanks
  7. Hi @Pamela , Yes we are utilising this - However, from my point of view a snippet would be useful within the service manager here - kind regards, Charlie
  8. @Pamela thanks for the speedy resolution it has now been resolved
  9. Hi, Just wondering if there is a way to split tickets up? For example, we have a request come in that is for two people so ideally this should be two separate requests where the customer is two different people. Is there a way to do this in the Service Manager ? kind regards, Charlie
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