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  1. Hello, I can't even login as Admin, so how am I supposed to check if the role is there or not? Kind regards Harry
  2. Victor that was very rude that you closed my topic without giving us a chance to comeback to you whether the solution worked or not. The solution you given to me did not work because I tried login in as Admin on our admin.hornbill.com portal and came up with unexpected error.
  3. Hello, None of my team can login and not even admin this time to both "live" and "admin" site. This has been happening very frequent. Kind regards Harry
  4. I added super user role, seemed to have worked, or possibly you fixed it?
  5. Hello, we are having this issue too with one member of our team, he doesn't have "super user role" .
  6. So how comes I received successfully getting emails from noreply@c*****.com? Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Hi Victor, Sorry for the confusion, the noreply@c*****.com is working now for analyst thank you. I am not using live.hornbill.com. But I enabled it anyway. Is the customer supposed to get anything if the analyst updates via portal or do they have to use the envelope? Kind regards Harry
  8. Sorry if I wasn't being clear, is it still doable or it has to be the email envelope?
  9. Hi Victor, Customer still not getting notification from anywhere. the live.hornbill.com is not our main mailbox so I dont think that mattered. Our mailbox is c**********.com Kind regards Harry
  10. Thanks Victor, Does that to the problem relate? even though I am not using that mail box? I have changed that now anyway and see what happens.
  11. Hi Victor, Yes thats correct. I tested the SPF which works fine. I'm using our own domain mailbox instead and I can send and receive emails via Hornbill. Other notifications like the IT analyst can receive email notification when customer updates via portal. But not the other way round. Kind regards Harry
  12. Hi Victor, I put "both" for the two and doesn't do anything. Kind regards Harry
  13. Hi Victor, The customer updated via the customer portal and I don't think she gets a notification on neither the web or email when I give an update via the live portal. my ticket is SR00000152 Kind regards Harry
  14. Hi Victor, When a customer sends an update on a ticket, I don't get any notification in the top right corner or email notifications. Is this how its designed? Kind regards Harry
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