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  1. Hello Victor, That worked perfectly. I incorrectly thought no check in a checkbox would also match "!=" the checked answer. Changing the alternate route to "No Match" made my process act as expected, and resolved all of my issues. Thank you! Evan
  2. Hello, I am receiving an error when using the Static checkbox group Field Type. The error is "No matching gotoIf found..." The error occurs when when none of the checkboxes are checked. I am using a Parallel process with Decision Nodes branching from the answers of the Static checkbox group. The Custom Expression checks with "contains" and "!=". Included is a diagram of my setup. Thanks, Evan
  3. Hello James and Dan, Thank you both for your responses. I am addressing this from the broader perspective of an administrator of my companies Hornbill instance. I work for a multinational corporation with large offices in APAC, EMEA, and the Americas - requiring 24/hr full administrative coverage; and as such, we need at least three full administrators managing our whole Hornbill instance. Currently, the only methods to provide this is are by assigning the Super User Role to the administrators (we've been instructed against doing this, and it would grant additional unwanted privileges as our technician role), or sharing the credentials of the Admin account leading to other security concerns. Creating a new role just for this function would greatly increase security for us, and organizations would initially have to use the Admin account to manually grant the role anyways. The idea is that the new role would minimize the constant need for administrators, who should have full control access, to log in as the Admin account when investigating Roles and Features. Thank you, Evan
  4. Oh, I found the answer is yes. Source https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Roles "Hornbill is designed to only allow the association of roles if the User who is performing the assignment of a particular role already possess the same system/application rights among the roles that they themselves possess. The "Admin" user account (which possesses the Super User Role) is exempt from this rule and has the ability to assign any role to any other user, therefore it is advised that you use this account (or another Super User Account) to allocate roles to the rest of the Users." I would like to submit a feature request that the "Admin Role" (or a new role) also be granted access to add roles that the user performing the assignment does not already possess. Thank you, Evan
  5. Hello, I am trying to add some roles to my account using my technician account, but I keep getting the error "No rights on application com.hornbill.<role>" (see image for example). I refereed to the wiki article (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/What_Service_Manager_Roles_exist%3F) for the necessary roles for a "Service Desk Administrator", and I already have all of them (see image). Do I need the Super User Role to add roles to user accounts? Thanks, Evan
  6. James, Thank you for the clarification and advice. I tried as you suggested and it worked perfectly! Thanks so much, Evan
  7. Hi James, Thank you for the information. What I was looking for was a method to automatically set the Team either during the Progressive Capture or Business Processes. Option 1 - During the Progressive Capture. After having the user use the Request Details Form to enter the Request Summary, use a Branch to navigate many different options, and automatically select a team to be assigned the ticket. Option 2 - During the Business Processes. Use the value set for the Request Summary, or some other variable set during the Progressive capture, to automatically assign a Team. Are either of those possible? Thanks, Evan
  8. I am having trouble locating a method to assign a Team during the Progressive Capture phase. The Wiki lists a method by using the "Analyst Assignment" option in Forms (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Progressive_Capture_Workflow) , but I do not see that option. Instead, the closest option I see is "Assignment", and it lacks options to assign a Team or Analyst. Is it now only possible to assign a Team in the Business Process phase?