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  1. Hi Victor, It was the "Request" vs "Requests" that was the issue, so thanks for spotting that. It's sent the email but not added it to the request's timeline as I would have expected. I'm passing in the request's h_pk_reference . Is this correct for the recordId? Or should it be the h_activity_stream_id or something else? I'd left out the mailbox and other optional parameters for clarity in the original post.
  2. Hi folks, I'm trying to use sendEntityTemplateMessage to send an automated email to a customer. The problem is translating the template URL into something that the_template_value will accept. xmlmc.AddParam("application", "com.hornbill.servicemanager") xmlmc.AddParam("entity", "Request") xmlmc.AddParam("recordId", Reference) xmlmc.AddParam("template", the_template_value) I've seen too many "Failed to get template" messages to continue. The documentation doesn't help: The path to the the template you wish to use to base the e-mail message on.
  3. Hi Victor, I understand what the final parameter XML should look like. The example below shows what I'm trying to achieve. However, there is nowhere in the documentation to show how it's done using the AddParam() function. <methodCall service="data" method="entityBrowseRecords2"> <params> <application>com.hornbill.servicemanager</application> <entity>Requests</entity> <matchScope>all</matchScope> <searchFilter> <column>h_container_id</column>
  4. Ah, that explains why it keeps showing 'Resolve Timer started' on every email then, instead of the last update.
  5. Since we started going forward with our implementation, we've had issues with Contacts not being able to see their supported Services. It appeared random because it doesn't happen for all Organisations. To resolve this, we've removed them from their Organisation and re-added them. At this point, their services appear on the Customer portal. We've subsequently tied it down to the Organisations & Contacts that were bulk imported when our instance was set up. The ones manually added before or after the bulk import are fine but the ones bulk imported do not tie up. For con
  6. +1, this is becoming mandatory as we add more & more. Not sure what order they are displayed in. At first I thought it was creation or last update but not all appear to follow that rule. Even simple name ordering would be a massive improvement.
  7. When setting up the Contact details for the Customer & Service Portals and a new language is added to the system, the details are not copied across. Consequently, each one has to be changed from the Hornbill defaults to ours. The only way to do this is: Login as English (British). Set up the details on Home > System > Manage Portals > Customise Customer Portal & Customise Service Portal. Change my language to the next one in the list. Log out Log back in again (in a language that I might not be able to read natively) R
  8. It would be very useful to have the full list of Request custom fields available to the list of variables for Custom Buttons. In our particular example, the Development & External references are stored in custom fields in on the Request. These are used along with URLs external to Hornbill to open up a web page and show the current status & history of the Development or External reference item. I had hoped this post would add the functionality but it's more for Document Management. https://forums.hornbill.com/topic/10317-improve-custom-buttons-functionality/
  9. Hi folks, I'm interested in seeing a way to get this working as well. In our case, if a Contact raises a request, we need the BPM to automatically add other Connections for the Organisation as well. The typical scenario being add the IT manager at an Organisation whenever any request is raised by a Contact at that Organisation. The relevant interested Contacts would be identified by a custom field, e.g. 'Include in all emails' check box or similar. Regards Stuart
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