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  1. Hi Ehsan, ok so I can scan the QR code ok, and I can also enter log in details manually.. Up until that point everything looks fine. Once thats all been entered however the app then just starts and instantly crashes. I'll try and get some screenshots but it's tough to get hold of his phone as you can imagine.. I installed the HB app on a spare Iphone of mine and it works just fine... Other phones are ok as well. I'm wondering if there is some sort of account or security setting somewhere impacting this..
  2. Hi Guys, so I've no run into a similar problem, embarrassingly, it is crashing on my CTO's iphone 7. He has a new IOS, plenty of space, etc, however once downloaded and then connected to his account via QR code, the minute I then tap on the ICON, the HB app crashes and returns me to the top page of the phone screen. Any ideas ? I can log onto his desktop instance with no issues, etc...
  3. Many thanks Pamela - I seem to have it working now at last ! I need to go back to the webinars for a bit I think ! cheers !
  4. Hi Victor.. ok, so I have the subject line inserted properly into the incident description, however I can't see the message body anywhere.. Is there a config option I'm missing here somewhere ? Cheers, Jonathan
  5. Thanks James - surprise, surprise, having switched it on.. that rule now works !! (Doh).. How can I ensure that the text of the email is automatically included in the incident description ? I can't seem to see it in there at the moment.. Cheers, Jonathan
  6. ah great - thanks guys for the responses.. I've changed the string as recommended but still can't see an incident being raised.. is there a log file or something I can access to try and figure out where this might be stuck ?
  7. Hi - I'm trying to automate creation of an incident upon receipt of an email from our monitoring system. I've looked at the webinar, created a routing rule that looks for a particular text string and have emailed in a few test emails containing said string but I can't get it to work. We do have a bit of customized setup in that we add customers as linked connections upon logging a call so I'm a bit worried that our particular config is inhibiting this functionality ? Thanks for any help, Jonathan
  8. Hi Guys - My first time creating a measure and I'm struggling a bit - I did see this measure already pre-configured in a video describing reporting on the Hornbill Test instance so if someone can just cut and paste the correct config that would be handy.. In essence, I would like to be able to report on the average time taken to close our Critical and High tickets on a daily/weekly/monthly basis... Thanks, Jonathan
  9. Uninstall and reinstall seems to have fixed it.. Thanks !
  10. Hi Guys - The app crashes the minute I click on it.. I've just downloaded V2.3.7..
  11. Hi there - the Hornbill mobile app keeps crashing on my Iphone 7. Previously it was stable. I get notifications but as soon as I try to start up the app it crashes, I have a 256GB iphone 7 running the latest IOS, 10.3.1. - Hornbill Service Manager version is the latest from the app store.. Thanks, Jonathan
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