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  1. Hi all, I've set up a new BP for another department and I'm getting this error: I created a new mailbox for Finance. I've tried to replicate everything on the existing (working) BP we have in place for IT, and it's only relating to the mailbox and refers to the "Email customer" Automation which I've also pasted below. I'm hoping I've missed something obvious! All the rights and roles seem to be correct. This error occurs in Service Manager from the technician point of view - the customer is able to follow the PC and create the ticket no problem. Thank you
  2. Hi, We've been asked to investigate a solution to better handle external complaints and queries via our main website. Currently it's "send an email to info@...". It will then be picked up and sent to the relevant department, who then make a log of it. Sometimes just in something like Excel, so no ticket management or such like. I immediately thought about the Hornbill customer portal. However, the first snag would be the account creation. We sometimes will have a complaint that will come from the man on the street, who will not have an account, nor be willing to create one. We were then thinking about chat bots or maybe automatic raising of a ticket in Hornbill via the "info@.... "email address perhaps. Does Hornbill have a solution for this scenario? Many Thanks in advance
  3. Same here! Service: Failed to initialize application Invalid session. Please establish a session first Please contact you system administrator or try again Live: Could not connect to the Service Please contact you system administrator or click here to try again
  4. Spot on, thanks a lot!!
  5. Hi, Is there a way to reset the ID counter in Asset Management? We need to do a bulk change which means deleting everything and starting again (unless there is a way to amend a field with a csv?) Currently the ID counters are in the thousands and really would like it to start from 123.... Thanks
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