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  1. Thanks for the feedback @James Ainsworth From our point of view any feedback from customer (from email) is important to be aware of. Even if it is just a "Thanks, it's resolved". Manual action is acceptable for these scenarios. (Unlike the fact that case owner today is not aware of the customers update by email.) If an incoming email to a request within resolved status, automatically changes the status to for instance "Customer update", the operator can check the feedback and either close it or re-open it. When adding the ability for an "updated from customer" status, operators could activly check this queue and address requests properly. Notifications, and escpecially email to case owner is not preferably cause it causes a lot of noise.
  2. As far as I can see there is still no way to move a request from resolved to open based on a Customer update. Do you have an example of such configuration? I can see that what @Dan Munns is suggesting could work, but that would need a complete change of the process and the use of statuses.
  3. Is there any change of plannes regarding this? Our customer finds it very strange that this is not supported. They are used to other system being able to re-open requests within a Resolved (Not Closed) status. The typical scenario is that a case is resolved and customer get's an email about the resolution. In a perfect world they then would go to the portal, but.... that's not happening often. They do a reply When they do the reply, the request in a "waiting 5 days before auto-close" phase, and should have changed status from "Resolved" to "open", or an "update" state. Eithout this functionality, operators have to monitor the Resolved list to track the updates.
  4. There seem to be a missing link between the mobile app and the web client. When an operator/agent uses the mobile app to read/do changes on a request he owns, the request will still be showing as "yellow-coded" in the request list in web brower. This maked the supervisor believe the operator have not yet seen that there is work to do on the request. Is this s feature or a bug?
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