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  1. @Gerry Looks like the team were able to update us - this is now working for us, including changes. Thanks for your help with this.
  2. @Gerry Hi If you could update our version that would be excellent, thanks! Ben
  3. @Paul Alexander Hi Yes, but no joy Thanks for asking though - our usual Hornbill admin is on holiday this week typically!
  4. Hi, Do we need to wait a certain amount of time for the hot fix to apply? We are still affected. Thanks
  5. Hi, Thanks for this, it worked perfectly. Cheers Ben
  6. Hi, Andy and I are looking to migrate from local accounts on Hornbill to SAML/ADFS for single sign on, following the documentation on the wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Single_Sign_On_with_SAML_2.0. Ideally what we are looking to do is test a merge with a test account and some test tickets – and if all fine merge the staff accounts (Servicedesk staff first most likely then all staff soon after). Knowing about the backup was just so we can implement this over a weekend – and if something goes wrong with the account merging process we can roll back. Are the
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